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I just got mine - the newer ones definitely run big IMO, at least half a size. I sized down but they're still too big, maybe it's just this particular pair. I wonder if Lycra stretches out a lot with wear. I think I need to shrink everything but the waist! What do you guys think? Is it crazy to try to get another pair in the same size? Or size down more?
Are you asking about the newer MNE tri-colors with dark blue (main /\), coral and green? They're very pretty in real life. I remember reading that they run small. The ones I have seem to run small but I do not have other A pockets to compare (I will in a few days ) The fabric's quite stretchy but I still need to get them hemmed so I don't know if they'll stretch out with extended wear.
^ Woo hoo, glad to hear that they stretch out! I took a chance and sized down I hope the waist stretches quite a bit as well.
Hehe... at least I'm not the only one Do you guys still wear sigs though? Any particular sig/flare wash (pref. dark) that's more forgiving in the waist area?
Okay, I think I'm consistently the same size for the most part (hips + thigh) but I want the waist to fit comfortably like 0.5 size bigger. So I think I'm supposed to stick with A pockets and flynts but I really want some sigs/flares. I'm interested in dark washes like NYD. How do these fit in the waist? I know it sounds weird but does anybody else have the same problem? Is it just me?
Thanks so much Melody, connster, and jillianS!!! I was going to go with sz 24 but then I saw jillian's post and I have a little more doubt since I'm a 24 in most COHs so maybe I should get Broadways in sz25 to be safe. Ah decisions decisions I want to wear these to work anyway, don't want them too tight.
Hi all, how do Broadway (dark wash, not med OFB) sigs fit - esp. in the waist? How stretchy are they? Are they comfy? If you could compare these to Nakita sigs, that would be great since I own those I think I'm a 24/25, should I go with 24 or 25? Thanks in advance!
Hi, I tried to PM you back but your inbox is full. Your package should arrive soon Here's the latest status from usps.com: Arrival at Unit, April 21, 2007, 5:17 am, LOS ANGELES, CA 90005
Ah, the ones I want are rigid lightweight denim. BTW your new avatar is very .. stylish ..
Wow, you look really good in them I'm jealous! I've been wanting a similar pair for a while (Bobby Big T Easy Rider (?)) Are they made of lightweight denim? Did you get them from eBay?
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