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Amazon.com: Deluxe: How Luxury Lost Its Luster: Dana Thomas: Books It's all going to shit.
I believe the best way of going forward with suits is to get a nice one fully tailored to you. At this point, you can use MTM places and just give them all your perfect suit's measurements. This way, you are getting bespoke for MTM prices. As far as your budget, I think the best way to spend it would be on a $200 suit with $100 of tailoring compared to a $300 suit right off the rack into the interview room. The materials won't be spectacular nor will the quality, but it...
I plan on going as Santa Claus
I play PC games a lot. I have cut back the last year though. Used to consume my life (like, 40-60hrs/week). Now is about 5 hrs/week xfire: kakemono I only picked this up about 3 years ago. Does not show many, many hours playing CS or StarWarsGalaxies. I also have about 2000 hours in an old 2D spaceship game called Subspace/Continuum.
tmb50w2lyl There Might Be 50 Ways 2 Lose Your Lover
I just wanted to mention that I saw an article by the maker of Naked and Famous (i wish I could find it again for you guys) and the owner basically said that even thought they use selvedge denim (without getting into the whole... quality of denim issues), they odn;t do a lot of the small details that are such a staple of the higher end brands. Stuff like hidden rivets, chainstitching, etc It is a very, very basic jean. Nothing special.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder ^is this waywt or facebook? jesus. today: . . . pic . . . band of outsiders dior 19cm mij costume national boots (not pictured) looks great, but you are dangerously close to a popped collar.
Randolf Engineering Sunglasses off eBay... the original aviator brand. Makers of glasses for the air force. They are a steal at $25 a pair. Built to be used in the military.
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