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I love diesel, particularly the thanaz/thavar cut, but what I am trying to figure out is why they fit so well? I am shopping for raw denim and want to find a cut as similar to the thavar as possible. I am having trouble knowing what to look for. I know thanaz has a straight yoke and a low rise, but it seems like there are other factors too? (I am talking about the top block mostly here). Any ideas about how to find a fit similar to diesels?
Look great. Most people wear them sagged a little bit, I can't tell if you are since we can't see the back. I did the same thing as you, switching from bootcuts to skinny jeans, just tell yourself the stacking is like a bootcut haha.
Check out rawr denim they have a lot of guides. Raws never fit as well as diesels. I have tried haha. The turbos fade quickly but are very poor quality.
I have been very tempted to take a picture of nothing and post it on here, because I got into raw denim which you buy so infrequently haha. Great buys everyone I am jealous! :)
Haha nice jeans cattledrums, would have killed for those back in the day!
What's the wear/wash history of these and can you post measurements if you have a chance?
I think there was an old super rare thanaz one as well back in the day. Diesel raws are kind of a joke, I mean the turbo denim is fun but very poor quality and I have never seen any decent fades from the other ones listed above, but they look ok just clean/raw as is.
Those Thavar 830R look like a crotch blow out waiting to happen.
Those buster selvedge jeans I saw on Saks website look like raw denim, are they? (I doubt it, but a guy can dream right?)
Nudie has the tube tom as well, similar to the thin finn without the low yoke. There is also the thavar 886z which is great. Why not try that one? It also is 2% elastane but high quality.
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