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Yah man looking good^ For me I just resolved to looking the same at work, where I literally wear my raws there everyday, plus with most my diesels I couldn't get away with at work. But I feel your pain man, only so many days in a week and you get sick of wearing the same pants all the time!  Ya Self Edge is the shit! Which one do you you live by?  I'm in Portland.
@Aahz nice man that's some intense stuff for jeans, I have been worried about biking in mine because you can easily rip the crotch out, but I live near a Self Edge (they do insane repairs with a darning machine) so I can just get them fixed there and you can barely tell. I see you have some nudies now too! You'll have to juggle them both now haha! I found some turbo's online for super cheap was thinking about getting those to shred on this summer just for fun.
Ahhh I see Aahz. Ya I was looking at the chart too and thought id wear a bigger size than a that but I guess not. 7.5 is about perfect for a raw jean I think, my APC's are about that, maybe a bit under. Whats your plan to fade them? I wear mine to work but im a therapist so not a lot of activity there haha. Maybe you could start a thread updating them as you go
Ya that 813z looks great, I think it is one of the most underrated washed put out recently, mainly because all the pics of it online doesn't do it justice. Nice!   and Aahz what size do you go for in those rogues? Are you trying to fade those a ton or keep them raw? Those look great on you but I looked up my size and the leg opening was huge! I know they  just recently changed the sizing for that jean to be more standard with the rest of their cuts.
Safado 827j Got these basically free. Usually prefer thanaz/thavar but oh well. Sized down 2, great thin, warmer weather jeans.
Ya we went to XS and Marquee and saw Le Reve, (cirque du soleil show which was insane!).   The women in Vegas put these pale Portland hipsters to shame haha!
you should go for the thanaz 813z because thanaz is better than thavar! haha :)   I've seen it online so it's out there still.
Youre welcome straychev! I did have a blast in Vegas, saw some guys there wearing some really cool stuff. Gave me some ideas. Ya that thavar wash was terrible, just thought it was funny it was a Vegas wash.
Hey so update on my trip to Vegas. I went to all of the diesel stores here, including the outlet store (which wasn't very good). It was great to chat with some of the guys working there who actually knew their stuff. Didn't end up buying anything because I found the jeans I really wanted for way cheaper online. But great to try them on. They also has a special "Vegas" Thavar cut which I thought was hilarious. Someone asked me for pics of the store so here you all go.
Hahaha got me on that one! I was like "must be some cool stores I haven't heard of they sound trendy".   We are going to hit up XS I think, try (and probably fail haha) to meet some girls there.
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