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thanks for the quick response robin.
authentic ?
i'm not really scared or anything to approach them afterwards. but like an exam, its always a good feeling when the questions you see on it is exactly what you studied. it just makes it that much easier.
thanks for the replies so far. i should explain my question better, as i think i have skewed it a tad. SITUATION: chilling/having a good time at a party. see some girls/meet some girls whatever. We may or may not talk. Next day/Later people tell me that so and so said i was "cute". This is from me NOT trying to work my game on them whatsoever, or I may not have even talked to them, but they know a mutual friend and they tell him/her and later on the comment gets...
well its usually this scenario. i go to a party or club or "insert where there are large groups of people" and then later that night or the next day someone will tell me so and so said they thought you were cute. Mind you, this is someone that I did not previously know and may or may not have talked to that night. This is what really throws me off. Do they have interest and say that comment so it gets back to me and I can pursue them, or are they just commenting in...
This is something that I've always wondered about, and hope the females on here can give me some insight. I would ask girl friends in "real life", but they would probably think I'm weird or something. What puzzles me is when a female calls me cute. Where do I really stand in her books ? Does cute really hold much weight or is it one of those things where he is easy on the eyes but I see him more as a brother/friend. I don't know what it is, but the word "cute" just...
ok thanks.. i just wasn't sure if maybe they have like 2005, 2006 year models etc. thanks for the clarification
so these are the same ones at the ones at urbanoutfitters.com ? just want to confirm that they are indeed the same. thanks!
are the 60f's supposed to be black or blue ? the ones i want are the ones from urban outfitters which seem to be black from the pictures. the ones on yoox list them as being blue. are there 2 different washes for these jeans or are they the same jeans ? thanks!
recently tried on a pair of diesels and damn the fit is just awesome. so now i'm on the hunt for a couple of pairs. the ones i'm interested in are zaf 796's and zathan 60f's. probably a 31x32 or 32x32 in both. how much am i looking at for each brand new ? that way i can gauge if i'm getting a good deal or not. thanks for the help fellas!
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