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you have a beautiful collection!
they look great on u!
you should keep, they look amazing on u!
Quote: Originally Posted by HeyItsRobin i have found that in general, TR will stretch out about 1 size after you wear it. i agree with that...
u look cute in them!!! nice dungaree!
wow great find cindy, i would so get them ifi have the $
wow cute skirt, i want one
scorch for me too!
i received 5 pairs of jeans today through the post. i only got a few pairs because im leaving UK soon and im hoping to buy all my jeans now so i dont have to risk about shipping when i move to hong kong in a couple of weeks' time! im super happy cus they all fit me fine thanks kim and babyj (jessica) for these!!! Red/Orange crystal (not sure the exact name) Silver Crowns Apricot Crowns Uranium Roth Iradium Roth
congratz annie!
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