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Are you a distributor?
764 and 8BE
Quote: Originally Posted by j1n1i14 whoa that's a first. did the refund go smoothly? I just called about an hour ago so we'll see.
They sent me a fake pair of Henlees. I called them to tell them and they said they issued me a credit immediately. The pair I received were blatant fakes. Terrible attempt at microstitching and no other tags.
I've been through the med school process. Everyone wears a suit to the interview. Most go with black, navy, or charcoal.
School is a bitch. If I had loans, my debt would be sky high. Undergrad - ~$160k? over 4 years Med School - ~$240k over 4 years
full-time medical student.
Quote: Originally Posted by camhabib AHHHH, please say you didn't! I test drove the 335 and the A4 and thought the A4 won by a long shot. The BMW IMO had no justification for its premium over the Audi., given that the Audi had a better interior, more features, and comparable performance numbers for the same price. After owning both, which do you like better? The A4 and 335 don't even compete. There is no comparison.
Here's my old B6 A4. Here's my new 335xi.
Quote: Originally Posted by callire Dal: Cute. My family has a bichon too.
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