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^ Yeah, you can tell it to restart normally now.
Quote: Originally Posted by wulfie If you're using W!ndows XP then go to start > run > type 'msconfig' > on the BOOT.INI tab, check /SAFEBOOT then click OK. It's gonna ask you to restart. Click yes. When you restart, you'll get the option of logging in as Admin or Owner, log in as Owner. Run the spyware programs. When you finish, go back to run > msconfig and uncheck /safeboot so it starts up normally. And you should be good. NOD32 anti-virus is...
I'll add that all these search & remove apps will work better if you run them in safe mode. If the keylogger is running when you are trying to search for it, the chances decrease that it will be found and deleted. Safe mode will prevent it from running when Windows starts.
If you want to really examine your options, get the number for the DA's office and call the line directly. If you speak to the DA they will often 1) Reduce the ticket (by a lot, usually) 2) Drop the ticket altogether One thing about traffic/speeding violations that the courts won't tell you: it costs more for them to file the paperwork for a court date than they earn from the ticket. They HATE it when you fight tickets. Sometimes they'll just drop it because they don't...
I haven't been into a Uniqlo store, but I've had a few of their products and I've always been really impressed with the quality, especially considering how cheap they were. I give Uniqlo 5 out of 5 Cool Spots. PS As far as I know they don't have an online store in America, unfortunately. They do have one in UK I think.
I also have the habit of trying to guess how rich they are. Then again, I'm poor and I'm wearing designer denim so I don't have much room to judge. I like seeing people wearing them either way. Seven sigs are always around but it's a little tougher to see Diesel, R&R, etc. Then again I live fairly close to ASU campus so it's not too rare since a lot of the students (and people who live up north in Scottsdale) have a lot of money. BTW I have a few pair R&R but I don't...
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