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oh yea, i was just lookin at this guy's thanaz 89S on ebay and was thinkin of getting it..and i just checked out the 8ie (never knew that wash existed) and im really diggin it, it can definately be a plus to my collection...then go broke for a while lol but this also reminds me of pseudonym's obsessive DDG raw collection..probably giv it a try asking him if he's got any left
nevermind, i might giv dior a try
does anyone know if diesel has a raw denim or anything that appears raw in black color, slim, straight or tapered leg? i got an 88z but they're blueish and lookin for something black,
thanks for the info road!
i couldn't find a thread about this topic haha just wondering if these jeans stretch out after wear?
on the diesel online store there were blue and washed out blue..i always found all the 71j's pretty similar
i was just wondering where i could get these jeans?
Quote: Originally Posted by not_a_virus.exe WHOEVER VOTED FOR STEGOSAURUS HAS NO IMAGINATION hahaha i'll keep supporting my primary school favourite stegosaurus mate hahahaha but dont worry, dromiceiomimus is still the king!
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