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that looks hectic..
sweet~ awesome mate!
couldn't find a thread for shoes so eh here it goes.. don't know where to look to get some nice distressed dress shoes. low rise (or normal). not high cut boots.. as this will be m first pair of dress shoes i'll be getting for possibl more than $30AUD. i usuall wear jeans and dress pants in slim fit. some of those metal holes like them diesel boots look nice.
pics would be very helpful. yea im after something whiteish/really light grey in the fades after a wash. can you suggest which samurai's would b the closest to what im looking for? there're so many different styles im getting confused. lol
i am looking to buy a pair of black selvedge denim. something that washes out a lot (with whiteness) after 6 months wear..like in the picture but in slim fit low rise cut. i am new to this and do not know which company makes their black selvedge denim that washes out like that after wash. currently i hav nudie grim tim dry black selvedge in mind, only because of their available shorter inseam but the inseam doesn't really matter (thanks to the tailors) as much as how...
Quote: anyway Jeff has also been talking to Diesel about making another batch of the 764 and some other sought after older washes as well i see some people are wishing for 82m's
i also need a recommendation for some cargos i can wear to work. preferrably slim, really low rise cut, 30" inseam, black or khaki. anyone?
ok, there goes that plan hahaha do dior black raw 19cm make any 30" inseams? so far i'v only seen 35"~38" which is almost as long as having two shins for me LOL
it looks like i'v been missing out heaps on this raw business and it seems real hard to get a pair of raw DDG's..so i came to a conclusion.. to save some money and (dont know it'll work but) wear my yarik 88z's everyday and not wash it until i find a nice pair of black raws in my size (waist:15"~15.5" x inseam:29"~30")..or try not to wash it for 6 months! lol
ryanduke - im not sure yet, if i should save and get a DDG or something..
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