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My name is Jahmela and my friends call me jahmmy. I remember I was asked that before when I first signed up by Ben and I told him no. I think he even did an IP check or computer check or something to make sure we weren't the same person. I really don't know why I've been linked to those two usernames. Anyway, to tibi I sent you the refund and again, it was my fault for ignoring your emails as I got fed up. I know it was wrong of me to do so.
Yes, refund sent. I sent $195 back (extra for paypal fees) . Again, I've wanted to refund her since day one but she filed a paypal claim within one week of not receiving the gown. After two weeks the gown was re-sent to me and I Pmed her the situation and asked for her paypal addy. Instead she went off how dishonest I was and would like to pay more for the dress etc. when all I wanted to do was refund her.
For the life of me I could not find her paypal address. Plus, my account was frozen and just waited until the claim was closed. I am also in touch with the mediator and he/she can get the address for me as I can send the refund right now. The item was in a big box and was delivered priority mail. The stamp said "undeliverable" or something like that. Edit: I have an email address she's been using to contact me. I wasn't sure if that's her paypal adress as well. But I...
I've been a member of this forum and this has been my only username. I have about 20 or so feedbacks. I shipped the dress during christmas time. and after about two weeks it was returned to me. I immediately contacted tibi and asked for her paypal email adress so I can issue a refund since paypal froze my account (she filed a claim within a week of not receiving the dress). Instead of giving me her paypal adress she continuously sent me threatening emails. I just waited...
Quote: Originally Posted by codese7en this thread gives me a hard on. LMAO!
I finally have my semi-annual bag funds and I can't decide if I should get the Marc Jacobs Stam patchwork or a Balenciaga City Motorcycle. Marc Jacobs Stam patchwork: OR... Balenciaga City Motorcycle TIA!
Picture is blurry but I wore this to a wedding last Saturday Banana Republic dress Nine west strappy sandals
Quote: Originally Posted by virgoddess My sister & her hubby met through the internet. She was 17, he was 24. Neither had been in a serious relationship before. They started seeing each other seriously and he even went with her to her senior prom. (The guy was 24 & at a high school dance... that's LOVE!) Everything just fell into place for them. Last year, they got married after over 7 years of being together. They're the greatest example of an "online...
My soon to be hubby just got a pair of Neils and they are hot! I think it does fit tighter around the waist since my guy is a "pear shape" small waist and muscular thighs. They are a must have though!
I think the straps are to keep the jeans in place when tucked into boots =) Those jeans are way better looking than the star logos...lol Nonetheless, they are still overpriced. Is it true that DVB jeans are made in China?
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