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Thanaz 73J 30x32 very good condition. My listing:   http://cgi.ebay.com/Diesel-Thanaz-73J-W30-L32-/200501982615?cmd=ViewItem&pt=US_CSA_MC_Jeans&hash=item2eaed97597
8dk is quite soft and comfy..
yarik 88s !
i do agree that they don't look very cool when they're worn like leggings, too emo if you ask me. i have 72h in 31/32 and they're perfect, but i just got 73j in 30/32 and they're TIGHT! i hope that they will stretch within time, because they're only 1 day old.
well, i just got my thanaz 73j and i went with 32l. they tend to run a little longer, becuase i usually wear 34l. oh, and i'm 181cm (5ft11inch)
my Yarik 88s had also bullet holes and red batching..
ugly as hell, eww.. is it just me?
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder ^even the floor sucks you're a true style police.. i wonder if you get paid for it
we've got numerous zaras in estonia if someone happens to know what it is..
thought so too, thanks m8
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