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They really are nice jeans
Fakes for sure
horrible fakes wash is way off
I like the way they fit you great jeans
Great job i really like it
Definatly fakes wash is horrible
Quote: Originally Posted by lauriebell Why won't you issue the refunds, Eddie? OK and now a word from the bad guy. Here we go: http://www.honestforum.com/rock-repu...-28-trade.html As you can see this person had ordered the jeans on the 12-30-2006, 11:19 AM and posted the thread that she made a mistake by buying the wrong jeans. candies121 quote: "Anyways, I had accidentally ordered stockholm crowns instead of london and I was hoping to...
Quote: Originally Posted by guest2634 I would be mad, but after the issue was over I wouldn't carry a personal vendetta....and if something like this post ever came up I would simply state my story and be done with it. I see other members knock him anytime they get a chance....There are so many emotions here I don't understand it? I always keep business as business.... The most smartest comment ever period.
These look fake they do not have a patch on the back that has the "logo"
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