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I know that they are Bobby Big T's...but can someone please identify the wash? Cut: 600232 Style: 24-500NBT PO: 50758 RN: 112790 Thanks!
The extra stitching to the left is actually a thread when you enlarge the picture...but I'm really not sure about these... . THANKS!
I got this dress but need help deciding what shoes to wear with it! I have a lot but am open to purchasing new ones as well. I was thinking shoes made from the same material/close to it would look best but I am really bad at this so I need help! And I am not really into the shoes the model is wearing...Thanks guys!
Anyone know the difference between William Rast Evening and Dusk Blue washes (besides the distressing)? The back pockets look similar but I think the Evenings have more of a tan color to them. I was hoping the dusk wash had white back pocket stitching but I don't think thats the case...? Thanks! DUSK: EVENING:
I'm am pretty sure that these are authentic but just wanted to be 100% positive. Also, they are havana 2's, right? Thanks!!!
I loved these so much I just bought some in the DUST wash!!! I will post pics when they arrive!
Does any one know how the Belle Flare in DUSK runs? Is the stitching on the pockets white on this wash?
eBay: $242 NWT William Rast Savoy Trouser in Evening sz 26 (item 290138020858 end time Jul-11-07 11:02:24 PDT) SIZE 26!!!! (will fit 27) Price is near retail but so worth it IMO
They stretch out quite a bit. Size down atleast one size, twice if your in between. I've had two pairs of these and the inseam on both was 34.
Yes, go down atleast one size...I'd say two if you are in between sizes!
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