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So my company is doing a pretty big holiday party this Saturday that is 80's themed. I'm wearing an old school vintage orange sunkist tee with viker 88z and I need to decide on shoes.... I've wanted jack purcell john varvatos white slip ons anyways... so I've thought about getting those (possibly putting wide orange laces on them for the night). 2nd option which is classic woudl be the checkered vans slip ons but I'd only wear them for that night probably, so its kind of...
Quote: Originally Posted by Cez1029 BTW nice username, Twin Peaks rules hahah hell yes, glad to see someone recognizes that. I think its funny if people actually think my name is Dale lol. Back to the topic though, thats what I thought cez.
Thanks for the response... my 71L actually have considerable more dirtyness than others I see on here. Acid wash around the pockets and other areas is what I meant cutup (couldn't think of the term lol). Is the "blueness" of the wash similar is what I meant to say I guess.
I have a pair of zathan 71L... love the feel of the denim and the wash but alot of times I'm not really feeling the dirt or wash around the pockets. I was looking at pics of 784 and the wash seems pretty similar, but its hard to tell. can anyone who has had both let me know? I'm thinking about selling the 71L and getting a pair of 784. Thanks
Those are a superb fit on you... seriously they look like they were custom made just for you. Excellent choice, I love the low cut.
Quote: Originally Posted by jskidder i told him via pm and on the forum multiple times to contact you, and even explained how to do it. case is closed now anyway though... You told me how to do it via pm just today... I had no idea what you were referring to in the post in the thread when you said mediator, as I didn't know there was such a thing. Regardless, I did what you told me.
I guess I've been lucky that everything I've bought has came relatively true to size, or at least in relation to that cut. And cutup - you probably would've spouted off like I did had a pair taken over 2 weeks to get to you, they're a crazy size, you try to contact the seller, and it takes him 6 days to respond. Please undersatnd how easy it is to be frustrated in that situation.
I wasn't hesitant or unsure whatsoever...I had nothign hold me back. I asked him if the price included shipping, we worekd that out, I sent him money. I'm not creating any conspiracy that he tried to dupe me into buying these, hell he probably couldn't care less if I bought them. My point was I couldn't beliiiiiieve how much they were stretched, especially for what seemed to be mint jeans (and they are aside from the crazy size). The entire thing doesn't even matter...
Quote: Originally Posted by roadside_attraction ^no if the buyer wants measurements he should ask. honestly this really sucks for you dale but not asking for measurements if your fault, its a fact most people buy there jeans really tight here and wait for them to stretch out. some jeans ala clerby 82l 71j stretch without much stress on them at all. anyways tough break but at 105, im sure you can unload them and break close to even. i wouldnt be that...
If 88z has such crazy sizing, why does Zubin wear a 31 in practically everything else? And i don't know where hes getting this " I asked him a million questions", I barely asked the guy anything. I'm not that pissed as I can resell them, its just annoying, and goes against how I personally would inform a buyer and list an ad... I still can't believe 18" in 31 is normal after stretching, and I don't care what cut or wash it is.
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