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hey how do these fit compare to any diesel cuts ???? are they liek super skinny ???
hey pedo im getting one soon should be arriving abt 2 weeks time , 31x34 , if that doesn't fit me wanna do a trade ????
those two sites has nice jeans, but i won't ever find them here in calgary to try them on since thier only two store here that sell raw denim and both carry nudie only
i went out today to check out raw denim only found nudie's i tried on a Ola bootcut which i reallie like. im plannin to pick up the ola one but was wodnering do these strecth out over time? tried on teh 30 and felt kinda uncomtforable cuz it still stiff 31 felt better. so question is which one should i buy 30 or 31 ??? to kidna get idea of my fit , i wear zathan 30, shazor 30, most R&R 31 , TR 29/30 any davice would help.
yah i bought the joey super t MP hope it fit him or it gonna be a hassle to return
i say TR is the most expensive here in canada most of the jeans range in the high 300 - 450 range
i just bought a safado 8aa in 31 , the only safado i ever tried on was the 71j which also was a 31 which fitted very well so crossing my fingers this one fits . anyways wat size did u go with pedo????
which wash u guys think is nicer , i like both im trying to pick out a jean for my brother up comming bday present.
any one here own a pair ??? it looks nice in pictures thinking abt picking one up. also if im a 30 in viker 71j should i stick to 30 for these one too???
i like them , they fit good overall nice pair of jeans but i just feel rip off thought i was getting some thing new but end up with something used ..... wouldn't have bought if i knew it was used cuz for the price i got them for could of bought a new 71j for 80 dollars more.
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