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i hem all my jeans 3+ cuz i have short legs nothing i can do unless i can find something online 30x30. if i buy something local its always 34 or 32 and most of the time 32 is always sold out
wat jeans are these look like safado 8dk ........... DIESEL Men - Denim - Jeans DIESEL on YOOX
i thought the jeans would be a lil bit lighter then the pics on jj denim but wow reallie deceiving its no where close to the picture lol. anyways i gave it to my brother and he likes them. he just wanted to know do people patch up teh rip area so it doesn't rip???... can a taloir patch them up like the diesel zathan 71j instead of using denim material????
Quote: Originally Posted by lorna17 doozy 71j where did u buy those ?? my g/f was looking for something like teh shazor 88s for girls but couldn't find any. this would be perfect for her
is thier a online US retialer for redmoon?? or any other site that sell smiller products ?? pretty much looking for those wallets with the chain/ leatherr attach to them.
anyone know how much these retail for ??? i got one given to me as a gift but one size too big ..... so probbaly gonna sell it.
those are nice ass jeans but price is pretty steep 450 Usd... btw does slim jeans only good with pointy boots or can u wear them with wider boots and still make it lookgood??? ihave boots like this Zappos.com - Steve Madden Emereld .. my foot is pretty wide and would never fit into boots liek urs.
so jskidder if u were have to choose a nudie or corpus raw/ dry denim, which one would u choose??? im trying to find a starter jean see if raw/ dry is for me, as these are the only two brand i can pick up locally.
overall diesel denim is good compare to some high end brands like parda and D&G thier denim design just sucks plus over priced. the price with diesel jeans has alwas been expensive here canada. so we used it. like some one stated R&R is miss match in size also with Tr. the only thing i don;t like about TR they keep the same wash over and over just different stitching. Tr back pockts tend to rip at the back easily too over all Diesel jeans seems to be the bang for the buck...
any one hear about corpus jeans ??? i saw one at a store here like this CORPUS Stick-R Skinny Jean in Raw at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! wondering if they any good quality ? price tag here in canada is 165 worth it or not ???
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