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i have short legs my normal inseam is around 28.5 , so ima hem them to a 31. i don't like the way 34 looks with all that stacking.
i don't know i just bought it need to get it hem shorter , got it for reallie cheap 45 cnd
i just pick one up on sale and was wondering do i need to soak these ?? thier like super stiff .... here the jeans i have Cheap Monday Original Wash Jeans - ssense.com not sure that the rite one but looks the same , the wash says jean raw tight on my reciep
i would get a refund if i were you either way it not gonna look good
2008/03/29818:23International item has left Canada - wtf i didn't notice this when i check the tracking, wat the hell is going on ??? did canada custom reject the jeans and sent it back ???
yup i did do the tarcking on on canada post , did it again today and thier a update, it says " International shipment has arrived in the destination country " so im assuming that means it here in my city, and i'll get it on monday or a few days from now. either way this is the longest i ever waited for anythging to come in the mail.
yah i have tracking this wat it says 2008/03/03 13:07 MISSISSAUGA, ON - Item processed at postal facility 2008/03/03 11:14 MISSISSAUGA, ON - Item was released by Customs and is now with Canada Post for processing 2008/03/03 11:16 MISSISSAUGA, ON - International item arrived in Canada and will be reviewed by Customs
hi i put my very frist order thru jj denim for a safado 8aa back in like febuary 22nd and they shipped it out on febuary 28.,now its march 30th and still haven't got the jeans. i email them servel times about my sistuation and never got a respone, i'm gonna call them on monday but i was wonderng when do you guys make a claim through your Credit Card??1 month or the 2 month point where u still haven't recived anything ??? also how does it work if i actually have to make a...
can't go wrong with either one, tho i must i say that jacket is sick how much u pick it up for ???
wtf u look pretty big in the pic and ur only a size 26!.......don't reallie like the look kinda akward seeing a big bulit guy wearing slim fitting jeans.
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