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yah i would go with safado 8dk but hard to come by new, i was gonna buy the 61E but some one stole the last 30 on jjdenim when it went on sale . Brave islander - 8HU looks pretty hard to pull off cuz it like super light grey. anyways i made up my mind i need a black wash so gonn a buy the 8DK and the safado 8aa since everyone seems to love that wash. for the safado 8aa should i stick to a 30 ??
yah i got the chance of trying on the zatiny 8dk i really like the smaller boot cut on them. im probably gonna buy the 8Dk if i can't figure wat size to get for safado 8aa
im having a hard time deciding between Safado 8aa , Safado 61E and Zatiny 8dk .... these will be the last jeans i'll be buying until winter. Safado 61E - tried on the size 30 and fits perfect Safado 8AA - bought from jjdenim at one point but shipping got screw up and end up not getting them. now im considering them again but not sure if i need a 30 0r 31. Zatiny 8DK - haven't tried these on before so not sure wat szie to get, maybe my zathan size 30 ??? so which one...
its out of stock
yeah i guess i spelled it wrong got owned, but who cares i'll know for next time. anywas i check HM last week and they got nothing. is thier a certain name for this style of scarves?? cuz i ask around a few place here and they weren't sure wat i was talking about.
i been trying to look for these kinda scarf local here in calgary and had no luck. any one here know any online sites that sell these kinda scarf with alot of different varities to choose from.
same i want to get a zatiny 8dk should i stick to my zathan size which is a 30 ???
im planning to pick these up too i tried on a 30 in store and everything fits well. they didn't ahve a 29 but im sure a 29 would of been very tight and uncomfortable. now if i get the 30's how much are they gonna strecth??? half a size or one size up ???
i guess i'll pass i had a few purchase for outerwaer in the past online and a few didn't fit. now i do alot of reseach before buying online exspecially jackets.
im planning to pick one up and was wondering wat size should i get if im a Medium in most brands like diesel , g star and energie???
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