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if im a medium in diesel, for affliction should i stick to diesel sizing or size down ???
has ur cheap monday gotten softer after wears ?? i have one for men;s but after wearing them for like 5 days on and off for like 6 -8 hrs each day, and they don;t seem like thier gonna soften up that much due to the stretchy material.
g star fit slim but some newer jacket fits smaller then previous seasons
u probbaly can get them through a proxy via canada ... most store will have them but canada only sells 32 and 34 length. they also retail for 200 + tax
okay thanks , would this 26 fit like another rocks in 26?? cuz i found it for mens this season they ran kinda small
any one here has any exprience with these shorts ?? like wat size my g.f should be getting?? she has lots of R&R 26 and maybe two 25's??? i was thinking 25 since thier shorts u want them more tight and fitted ....
yea the zathan blue looks lighter, i think ima buy both and see how they turn out
which wash is nicer i have my cons and pros for both but not sure which one i should get. zatiny 8at the good - love the fit ever since i bought my 8dk so i reallie like zatiny slimmer cut. the bad - the wings ruin it maybe they look better in person...IMO zathan 8at the good - love how it looks overall the bad - not sure if i want to go back to zathan after buying zatiny 8dk should i go with zathan 8at which look nicer or go with zatiny which fits me better, or...
sorrie to bump a old thread , but i just got my 72d in size 30 x 30 is it me or teh wiast seems to run big and thigh area a lil smaller than usual zathans? like the jeans fit great beside the waist area which measures 17 inch alinged which is more like a 31 -32.. kinda confuse.
hey guys i was wondering wats the difference between the 8DK wash vs 8DK they look the same on teh jjdenim site
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