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anyone else here pick these up?? wonderin if this run big or small, or does it stretcth??
dam that was hasrh lol, i always thought a over size shirt look better with slimmer jeans ol well wat ever. the jeans looks all bunch up cuz of the stacking + short legs beside that it pretty tight on my wasit. i guess over all i thought it was a okay outfit but dam was i wrong, i think i know why my g.f never liked that shirt lol. i think ima stick to my bootcuts and be safe for next time.
okay i always wonder if slim jeans were for me so just want to get soem feedback, also are these shoes okay for slim jeans
size down these run big i usualy wear a 30 they didn't have any more 29 's so i tried on a 28 which fit me in a the wasit but thigh area were tad too tight for my comfort
did u buy this online?? they look so much teh 88z wash
too bad calgary holt stop carrying diesel
anyone here picking them up im debating if i should tehy look sorta plain , but if i do get them should i get a 29 if a 16 alinged waist
its a evening / night wedding
Revolve Clothing - BETSEY JOHNSON Battenburg Dress in Black at Revolve Clothing - Free Shipping! g/f wondering is this dress okay wear to a wedding? or its way too much and should go with something more simple? just want to get some feedbacks on this dress
okay i get it, search before posting, 2nd no affliction as most of u hate it. anyways thanks to those for the positive respones and for the "GTFO" no offence taken as every one has thier own opinon.
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