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i took a look at the store .. and smae fades are there but u barely can see it , but maybe the camera make it stand out more .. maybe i will take my chance and buy it haha and post it up here with better pics and se eif tehy are real .. hope they are tho
thanks for the help guys
there this 7 jean im looking foward to buy on ebay butt the sell says this about them "This is a department store overstock item & as such, the "A" stitching on the back pockets have started to thin & whisker. Please see pictures for more details. Item is being sold AS IS & is GUARANTEED 100% AUTHENTIC." heres a pic i can't reallie see wats wrong looks pretty clean but from the discription sounds like some IRR jeans .... should i stay away ??/
Most tailors will give u ur Money back if they screw up ur Hem or lose ur jeans if u have the original reciept or proof of purchase. happen to me before they screw up my hem and it wasn't fixable and company sent me a cheque. but if u going to those family owned tailors i don't noe they mite not do it but still put up a fight PMS on there ass LOL
my girlfriend looking for pink quaalude Winger size 26 i think thats wat there called, its has pink and white R;s on teh back and these white and pink lines willing to pay 270 USd shipped to canada
Floyds seems more tighter in the thigh then it flares out more , pete and johhny more rommie i have one pair in both style taylor and henley are more fitted
they look real with all the tags , but is this an older wash , cause i notice the newer RnR have different tags
ohhh aights thanks thought they were fake cuz of the cut number is diff , i will keep taht in mind evil fo next time
i don't have a camera on me at the moment but these are the pictures that were provided by the seller thanks for the help reallie appreciated
i bought a pair of Rock & Republic Floyd Selenium off ebay , i got them and compare it to mine friend who bought his at a store every thing seems to be the same and matrial feels the same except for the cut# on the tag everything else on the tag is the same my cut # says 000777...... his 000986 ..... does that mean mine is fake ???
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