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since we talking about blazers, how are they suppose to fit? i have one and i have gain some wieght and mine now fits reallie snug and fitted but when drive with it on it feels liek teh armpit area is gonna rip apart. i also need to lose my belly fat i can't botton them up any more lol
anyone knows wat the difference bettween these two jackets they look pretty much the same. i couldn't get any info on the lider jacket but it must be made out of somthing different for a retail price at 499 vs jiosy at 280
anyone has pics of these ?
timmen 8at looks bada$$
jacket very similar as last season
any one here exprience with cream leather jackets ?? like hiow do they hold up vs black leather jacket after wearing them alot? like do they show more wrinkles , cracks then black leather jackets after crertain amount of wear? also would cream leather jacket go with alot outfits ? im in the market for leather jacket but haven't seen a cream one in person so still hesistating to buy. i want this JL one in black but out of stock and cream is the only colour left. just want...
would it be too warm for summer nights ??
anyone here seen this jacket in person ?? wondering if it a thin fall jacket or a heavy warm fall jacket. im looking at a black one, windering if it black black or like faded black. any info on this jacket would be great
Quote: Originally Posted by minkazang oh yes, 73j will strech out a lot~ is this from own exprience ?? how much do they strech? anything like the 71j ?
i pick up the 73j they run big for sure
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