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as title states any of u guys been waiting for prices to drop it good time to pick up size range from 28 - 34 with 32 - 34 lenght
yes teh least jacket is nice but only in white or dark black
congrats on the purchase binary the leather on the lexis is very soft, post pic when u get
i went with the small, i luck out at alocal store here in canada they had it on sale for 345 cnd retail 550 cnd. im just waitng for thier otehr store to send it down to where i live. on the otehr hand teh LINGHER jacket is also nice minus the wording on the back i'll buy that if i had more money. anyone here know how black gold diesel sizing fit? is it bigger then regular diesel size ?
Quote: Originally Posted by Grondie Depends on the jacket - Diesel uses all sorts of different leather from piece to piece. My Leleat has stretched noticeably with wear, but my Liroy jacket hasn't given at all. u know anything about the lexis jacket? would that strecth if it made out of lamb? anyone here tried on teh lexis before ? i had a chance to try it on in medium which fitted good but arm was too long and was bunching up alot. they had...
etgreg - i own a few diesel jackets always medium, i would try on some diesel leather jackets but where i live no where sell them. thanks for all the input guys i think ima stick to medium, also do u guys find the leather to tend to strecth alot?
those of u who have diesel leather jackets, do you guys buy the same size as any other diesel jacket? i want to buy a diesel leather jacket but not sure what size to buy. all my diesel jackets are in medium, so shoudl i stick with medium?
while ur at it u can jam to jump jump by kriss kross LOL
i work as a manicurist / pedcurist, i wore them 4 day a week for like 9 hours for 2 months. i don't sag my jeans as i heard if u do that crotch rip was more likely to happen. got that info on teh mynudie fourm, so pretty much all i did was walk and sit down in them. if u read the mynudie forum alot ppl who has dry japan usualy end up with croth rip at some point within 6 - 12 months.
dry japan has crotch rip issue i had mine for like 2.5 months and it ripped and all i did was wear them sit down and walk in them. also i wear my jeans a lil on the lose side, i also didn't wear them low either.
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