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Denimblog Community Rules And Guidelines

  • by Dave

  DenimBlog Community Rules and Guidelines   DenimBlog expects that every member will be respected by fellow members. We especially expect veteran members to be kind to newbies. You were all new once, try and take it easy as some questions asked by new members will seem quite basic to older ones who know the ropes. Denimblog does not tolerate the following:   Spamming - Any member that spams in any way shape or form will be banned without warning. We will not tolerate spammers here. Advertising - Advertising your own site/store/eBay sales or... read more

Buy Sell Section Rules

  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

    We hope you make our Classifieds section a success by following the guidelines set out in this document.     Seller Rules Posting an item for sale To post an item for sale, click on the new thread button in the specific forum you want to post in.   Your listing MUST include the following information:     Title: you must include the brand of item, the style, the size, and the condition, whether it be NWT, NWOT, Gently Used, etc. Measurements: Make sure to include measurements, especially for jeans and pants (you should at least... read more

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