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Top 5 Tips For Finding Jeans For Your Body Type

Here are some tips for finding the most flattering fit for your body type:   For Hour Glass Figure:   Look for jeans that are slightly higher rise, which will provide higher coverage in the back as well. Look for brands that offer a contoured waist band, which is a waistband cut on a curve. Boot cut leg are flattering and if you're looking for a more narrow leg, opt for straight-leg over a skinny.   Brands to try: Paige and CJ By Cookie Johnson are great options.   For Fuller Hips and Thighs: Look for higher rises, rather than lower rises.... read more

Top 5 Denim Accessories

Designers are expanding their lines beyond just jeans. There tons of great ways to incorporate denim into your wardrobe besides just jeans.   1. Jean Jacket:   Any wardrobe is not complete without a denim jacket. Designers offer a variety of styles, more structured, blazers or even motorcycle styles. A jean jacket can be paired with a skirts, pants dresses or even jeans if you want the denim on denim look. Stick to a darker wash for a more classical option.   Some great options include:   Current/Elliott's Snap Jacket goes with everything and will... read more

Top 10 Best Denim Leggings

Denim Leggings are quickly becoming one of the easiest ways to wear denim. Denim Leggings or Jeggings are a hybrid of jeans and leggings. Frequently they're softer than normal denim, fit snugly and can be worn underneath tunics or dresses, or on their own. Check out the list below for the top 10 Denim legging picks.     1. Seven for All Mankind Gummy Gwenevere Denim Leggings   These denim leggings are the perfect hybrid of jean and legging. They're soft and stretchy but will maintain their shape. Plus they're a celebrity favorite! You can buy them at... read more

Top 10 Best Cargo Pants

Cargo Pants are one of the biggest trends this season. There are tons of different styles and brands to choose from. Check out the list of the top 10 Cargo Pants.   1. J Brand Houlihan Pants:   J Brand's Houlihan pant is the original cargo that spurred the trend. The Houlihan has the perfect amount of skinny, flattering on any body type. The Houlihan comes in a variety of colors, such as Olive, Gray, and Navy. They retail for $231 and are available for purchase from Boutiquetoyou.com and Singer22.com   2. Seven For All Mankind The Skinny Stretch... read more

Sizing Guide

With all the different brands that are on the market, figuring out sizing can be tricky. Here are a couple of good rules of thumb to answer your sizing questions.   For Women, jeans are frequently measured by waist size. This is not typically measured at your natural waist, rather below or on your hip bones.   Waist: Here is a list of  measurements and their conversions to conventional (American) sizes   24"= 00 25"= 0 26"=2 27"=4 28"=6 29"=8 30-31"=10 32"=12 34"=14 36"=16 38"=18     Inseam: Is measured from the bottom of... read more

Real Vs Fake Lacoste

  • by Ruth

Real Alligator Fake Alligator Real Tags Fake Tags Real Button Front Fake Button Front Real Button Back(the colors can vary on the back) Fake Button Back Real Store Tags (however these can differ) Real Cuff vs Fake Cuff read more

A List Of Online Stores That Sell Authentic Merchandise

 'A List Of Online Stores That Sell Authentic Merchandise'    All these online store's below do sell 'authentic' items. More will be added shortly.........     Revolve Clothing ~ http://www.revolveclothing.com/   Couture Candy ~ http://www.couturecandy.com/   DesignsByStephene ~ http://www.designsbystephene.com/   ShopBop ~ http://www.shopbop.com/   80's Purple ~ http://www.80spurple.com/   Armani Exchange ~ http://www.armaniexchange.com/   BlueFly ~ http://www.bluefly.com/   Blue Bee ~ http://www.bluebee.com/   Diesel... read more

List Of Fake Selling Merchandise Online Stores

Describe 'List Of Fake Selling Merchandise Online Stores' here   More fake selling stores will be add in due~ time. If anyone has a querie about and online store and is unsure about the authenticy of there item's please ask, thats what we are here for... read more

Denimblog Community Rules And Guidelines

  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

  DenimBlog Community Rules and Guidelines   DenimBlog expects that every member will be respected by fellow members. We especially expect veteran members to be kind to newbies. You were all new once, try and take it easy as some questions asked by new members will seem quite basic to older ones who know the ropes. Denimblog does not tolerate the following:   Spamming - Any member that spams in any way shape or form will be banned without warning. We will not tolerate spammers here. Advertising - Advertising your own site/store/eBay sales or... read more

Buy Sell Section Rules

  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

    We hope you make our Classifieds section a success by following the guidelines set out in this document.     Seller Rules Posting an item for sale To post an item for sale, click on the new thread button in the specific forum you want to post in.   Your listing MUST include the following information:     Title: you must include the brand of item, the style, the size, and the condition, whether it be NWT, NWOT, Gently Used, etc. Measurements: Make sure to include measurements, especially for jeans and pants (you should at least... read more

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