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How To Stretch Your Jeans With A Waistband Extender

  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

Heres instructions on how to use a waistband expander: The one I have comes with about 5 or 6 removable parts. The parts go right into each other just like how I have them set up here, you just push them together. You probably wont need to use all the parts here. I am a size 31/32 and I only use like 2 or 3 pieces on my jeans. You just need to have the first and last piece always but the middle pieces you can use one, two or all three of them depending on the size of your jeans. So you push all the pieces together and get out your jeans. You have to wet the... read more

Tips And Tricks For Using Paypal

  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

Paypal for Buyers This tutorial is for a Paypal dispute filed by the buyer. eBay disputes and credit card charge backs are not the same. First, make sure that you have given the seller ample time to contact you before filing a dispute. If you cannot contact them by e-mail use eBay’s contact information page to try calling the seller to explain the problem. However don’t wait to long. In most cases you have a 45 day period in which you can file a dispute. Also make sure your dispute is valid. Just because the jeans are the wrong size doesn’t mean you should file a Paypal... read more

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