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Registration Issues Why do I need to validate my email? I never got my email validation email! I forgot my password. What should I do? How do I change my user name, email address, and password? Why does registration require my Zip Code and Birthday for registration?   Using The Site Forums, wikis, product reviews...which one do I use? How are they different? Do you have tutorials on using the site? Can I search for information? Where is my forum signature? How do I personalize my Profile and change my avatar? What are... read more


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  • by DaveTeam DenimBlog

  Denimblog's goal is to be The best site on the Internet for Jeans.     We want you to be able to  Check out Celebrities and all the latest styles on the Blog Be able to be up to date on the latest Jeans sales Join into the DenimBlog community and share information about jeans Be able to buy and sell in the Buy/Sell section of the site   Our goal is to put out the best most relevant information about jeans and celebrities who rock them.     The Blog The blog at DenimBlog.com is a daily journal of designer jeans and well dressed... read more

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