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The Basics Of Spotting Fake Burberry

Here is a quick guide to help you avoid or spot some common fakes, especially the Polo’s.

First, Let's start off with the basics. Always remember that the Burberry Nova Check (this is the correct term for the 'plaid') is always symmetrical, especially in Handbags and Small Leather Goods, this means that the pattern will always line up. The check has ONLY three thick faint navy stripes crosshatching each other. In between the stripes, there is a white filling that is also faint. Also, the red thinner stripes cross exactly in the middle of the blue check. There is also a pic below to help you out. Note how the whole handbag is symmetrical, from the handles, to the Check. Also remember that Burberrys handbags (in the Nova Check) are always over-sized. If you see a really tiny version of the check, it's most likely a fake.

Next, the logo. Look at the BURBERRY LONDON tag above. The best way to point out a Burberry Font is the rat-tails on the R's. The font will look like this always, even on the buttons of a Burberry shirt, or pant.

I'm going to show you a Burberry Polo, and compare an authentic to a fake.
Right here you can see that the trim of the check below the collar is leveled on the real one. And on the fake one, it's diagonal. The diagonal check is not used on polo’s, unless its on the trim INSIDE the shirt and not usually visible if someone is wearing it. The Nova Check inside the lining of a jacket or trench should always run horizontal, and vertical. NOT Diagonally.

Next, there is the Equestrian Knight logo. On the real one, the horse actually looks like a horse, and is more defined. On the fake one, the horse looks really fat, and deformed.

Additionally, there is the all-important hangtag. Remember that the hangtag is meant to be cut off with a scissors or other object. It's pretty hard to take it off by tugging and pulling. If you cut/tug the tag off, it's almost impossible to properly attach it back on the way it was. When returning a Burberry item back to Saks (it didn't fit) I literally had to hand-tie the tag back on, it looked goofy because the string also started to unravel.
Also, the connector in the fake one is most likely a counterfeit one. But I do know that the Burberry Nova Check Handbags come with the same connector, but the tag itself is not navy, its a caramel/brown color.

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check below the collar is leveled
Hi there, pls help me see if this bag is authentic...
Thank you
Can someone please check out the website www.sheinterest.com. They have a lot of designer everything, but what I'm most interested in is the Burberry bags. Can you confirm if they are authentic or replicas????
DenimBlog.com › Articles › The Basics Of Spotting Fake Burberry