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Seven Jeans Crystal Guide

UPDATE: 6/16/2010 - Hey everyone!


I am in the midst of fixing all ghost photos in this guide after I mistakenly changed the privacy settings in my Flickr account.  The missing photos will need to be embedded as new links, so please bear with me as I first locate each photo.  In the meantime, If you have any questions regarding crystals, please feel free to PM me (member name, dissociated).  Thanks! -Jenny



Ok, I'm just going to post all the info I know in regards to crystallized/studded jeans and where you can get the embellishments because I get lots of PMs about this stuff. List still needs a lot of work, formatting, organization, and help from y'all!

Oh, and the best place to get nailhead studs (you know, the ones with the prongs) is Swarovski Rhinestone Heart Swarovski Rhinestone Flat Back Acrylic Rhinestones. He has a large selection.

For single crystals, best place is Swarovski Beads, Silver Beads, Glass Beads, Charms, Clasps, Alphabet Beads, Jewelry Wire - Artbeads.com.
Rhinestoneshop.com is also a good place (cheaper than artbeads), but sells only packets of 144 crystals (1 gross). Also, he doesn't have size 8ss hotfix. Swarovski Rhinestone Heart Swarovski Rhinestone Flat Back Acrylic Rhinestones also has crystals, but i think the minimum quantity is 2 gross, depending on the color and size.

7 For All Mankind crystal jeans:



Caribbean Purple Tricolor A (CARP) - 2028H 8ss light amethyst, amethyst, burgundy


Sugarplum Caribbean A (CSP) - 2028H 8ss crystal AB, amethyst, montana (blue)

Caribbean Champagne A (CCA) - 2028H, 8ss, light colorado topaz



Medium New York Extreme - Wind (MNXP): 2028H, 8ss, light amethyst, amethyst, and burgundy


Medium New York Extreme - Water (MNXW): 2028H 10ss light sapphire, white opal sky blue


  • FIRE (MNXF) - topaz, light siam ab? (not sure about light siam ab)
  • Caribbean Sapphire tricolor crystals (CARS): Swarovski 2028HF 8ss - Metallic Blue, Montana, Light Sapphire
  • Caribbean Brown tricolor crystals (CARB): Swarovski 2028HF; size: 8ss; colors: Silk, Light Colorado Topaz, and Smoked Topaz (props to Tweetybird!)
  • New York Dark pink A-pocket - cut: 2028HF light rose; # of crystals: ~50/pocket.



  • Gold Crystal Aztec Pocket in Los Angeles Dark: Swarovski 2028HF Light Colorado Topaz.

  • NYD bootcuts, gold crystals (CNY) - Swarovski hotfix 2028; colors: light colorado topaz; size: 8ss (two outer rows) and 10ss (middle row).
  • NYD bootcut amber/spice crystals - Swarovski 2028 HF; color: smoked topaz; sizes: 10ss (middle row) and 8ss (two outer rows). Available at Artbeads.com.

NYD bootcut rainbow crystals (CAS) - Swarovski 2028 as follows:

  1. Light Siam AB - 10ss
  2. Crystal AB - 6ss
  3. Jet Hematite (a.k.a. Hematite) - 8ss
  4. Black Diamond - 8ss
  5. Topaz AB - 10ss
  6. Crystal Dorado (a.k.a. Dorado) - 10ss
  7. Crystal - 6ss
  8. Montana AB - 8ss
  9. Jonquil AB - 10ss


NYD diamond green crystal: Swarovski 2028HF; size - 8ss (inner diamond) and 10ss (outer diamond); color - erinite

  • Oxford Chain Pocket: Swarovski 2028HF 6ss Jet Hematite.

Great China Wall:
  • Havana 2 Studded Crystal (HAVSA): Swarovski 2028 (flatback) 9mm (qty = 2 front, 1 back) & 11mm ( qty = 1 front -> bottom left)
    Starburst studs: 6mm (middle); 4mm (outside, radiating arms)

  • Havana 1 crystal (HAVC): cut - 2028HF; size - 8ss; color - hematite; count - 50/pocket.
  • New York Dark purple (Blomingdale exclusive): cut - 2028HF; size - 10ss; color - amethyst; count - ~50/pocket.
  • Carribean, brown crystal: cut - 2028HF; size - 10ss; color - smoked topaz; count ~100/pocket (two rows).
  • Carribean, black ribbon crystal: cut - 2028HF; size - 10ss; color - jet hematite; count - 50/pocket.
  • Glacier, pink/gold crystals (GLCP):cut - 2028HF size - 10ss; color(s) - light peach, and vintage rose?? (TBA vintage rose)
  • Glacier, blue crystals: tba (need picture, PM if you got one)
  • Dark glacier, blue crystals: Swarovski 2028HF; 10ss; color: Montana Blue


  • Melbourne Pastel Pocket (MLB): Swarovski 2028HF 10ss Light Colorado Topaz.

7FAM Studded jeans:
(most can be found at
rhinestoneguy\\\'s nailhead section)

  • Tricolor Havana 2: 16ss (4mm) pearl cut (round) nail heads in (tarnished) gold, nickle/silver, and bronze (don't know official names as of yet).
  • MNES studded: 4mm/16ss nail heads, diamond cut (6 facets around), silver color.
  • Bombay Studded: 4mm/16ss nail heads, pearl/round cut (i think), nickel silver.
  • FIGI studded (FIGS): 4mm/16ss nail heads, diamond cut (6 facets around), silver color.


  • MNE Studded sig

  • Havana multi-crystal skirt: TBA

  • NYD studded: TBA

Specialty styles:

  • Jamaica braided: TBA


Rock & Republic crystal jeans:
  • Roth crystal Vapor: 2028HF, size 10ss, crystal AB.

  • Roth Addict fuchsia crystal:
    10ss, Ruby (NOT Fuchsia)

  • Roth glycerine blue crystals - 10ss montana blue.
  • Crystal chroma Crissy addict wash - pink
    -2028HF 10ss, Rose

  • Crystal Phoenix Chrissy Ozone - light sapphire: Swarovski 2028HF Light sapphire, size 12ss

  • Crystal LA Crown Dark Vapor - Pink: Swarovski 2028HF Crystal AB, size 12ss.

  • Crystal LA Crown Dark Vapor - Red: Swarovski 2028HF Siam, size 12ss.

  • Kasandra Crown Whiskey Pink: Swarovski 2028HF 12ss Padparadscha.

  • Fleur de Lis in Vicodin: Swarovski 2028HF 10ss Light Sapphire.

  • Kasandra Frequency Meridian Blue: Swarovski 2028HF 10ss Meridian Blue.

  • Roth Crystal Wicked in Electrolyte: Swarovski 2028HF 10ss Light Siam.
To be continued.. (i.e., info added, edited, reformatted, consolidated...please post if you've any info!)


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