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Ruling Denim Trends for Men - Spring-Summer 2014


Denim is the most versatile and powerful piece of garment in your wardrobe. The iconic blue jean has celebrated its 140th birthday and is still going strong as ever. A well-fitting pair of jeans is comfortable and works well almost anywhere, lounging around the house, at work, on a date or during a casual evening out with friends.

You have been using denim all your life and probably know all that is there to know about it. But it is important you make slight tweaks and changes to your wardrobe to keep them from becoming stale. Subtle reinventions help add variety and novelty to your dressing. Trying on a new brand, color, fit or wash reinvents your style and brings the spark back into your wardrobe. Denim can manifest itself in several ways, both in apparel and accessories.

Here are few of the latest trends seen dominating men’s fashion this season.

Slim Is In

Slim-fit still rules as far as trends in trousers are concerned. Mid-rise styles which are not cut too close to the body are in. The shapes of the calves and knees are unnoticeable, and slightly-tapered straight fits are popular. The jeans still have a slim fit but there is more room, without being baggy.

Worn-out Denim Works

Washing your denim leaches color and you end up losing its raw indigo hue. Washing in cold water with added salt in it prevents color from fading. Washing inside out, hand washing and short machine cycles also prevent color from fading. Dry cleaning is effective but is not a viable option. But you need not really bother because rugged, naturally weathered, slightly worn denim is really hot on runways.

Bright Is Not Right

Bright colors are not that big this Spring-Summer. Fluorescent, bright and pastel shades have seen a dip in their popularity. Earth tones, burgundy and greens are preferred colors this summer. These are understated, deep tones that work well with bright and bold color combinations. Shirts have gone bright and floral, so muted color jeans work well. Strong pastels like olive green fit seamlessly into wardrobes and easily enhance your style quotient.

White Denims the New Trend

White denims look cool, fresh and help you beat the heat. But one is never sure of the status of a pair of white jeans. They fall in the same category as cargo pants, trousers and boot cuts which are fluctuating style trends, and have confusing appropriateness. But celebrities have been sporting this look quite regularly and have contributed to the growing popularity of whites. A white pair of jeans works well with summer colors and coaxes you to step out of the blue-jeans comfort zone, trying on new things.

White jeans require maintenance. If you find your pair yellowing or losing its whiteness, a pinch of bleaching powder added to your wash may help bring the brightness back.

How to Choose Them Right

Day jeans should stress on style, comfort and functionality. When trying out a new pair make sure you check the pocket space for your keys, wallet and phone, and the flexibility you have. You should be able to sit down and bend over comfortably. Also try the jeans with a belt on. This gives you an idea about the different looks your jeans can take on and the level of comfort you can have with the belt on.

Wear Jeans Wisely

Skinny jeans (skinny has a more relaxed fit now), colored jeans, waxed jeans, printed jeans or slim jeans, they all work well for evening wear. Black jeans are apt for an evening out with your friends or colleagues. They have just the right mix of smart casuals and sophisticated formals. For a more edgy feel go for burgundy jeans paired with a white shirt and classy eye-wear. A gloss-coat on your jeans gives a youthful and fun feel to your attire.

If you love biking then studded jeans are for you. Team them up with an awesome leather jacket and a bad mother fucker wallet; you are ready for the best ride of your life.

Printed jeans are a tricky proposition, with not as many options available as for women. You can make a denim statement with army prints if it suits you. Khaki and military green are popular colors for printed denim. Your camouflage jeans should never be teamed with camo jackets, shoes and accessories.

Denim Is Not All about Jeans

Denim trucker jackets have been around for a while, but never experienced the kind of popularity that they have recently gained. They have been spotted on celebrities and stars who possess much admired, and among the best sartorial tastes. A trucker coat is essentially a versatile layering piece, usually worn beneath a sport or top coat, or a blazer. They should be well cut and styled with a slim, snug fit that barely brushes the top of your belt. The striking pairing of a worn-out denim trucker with the luxurious fabric of your coat like cashmere is unique and individual. You need to mold the look to suit your personality and the statement you want to make.


The beauty of men’s fashion lies in the details and superior craftsmanship. Try on your jeans and make sure you choose the right cut and fit. You get them right, and you have a good pair on hand.


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DenimBlog.com › Articles › Ruling Denim Trends For Men Spring Summer 2014