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How To Wash Dry Raw Denim

how to wash Raw Dry Denim

To wash your Dry / Raw Denim, follow these instructions for a lasting hue:


  • Don't wash more than 1 to 3 times per year.

  • Hand-wash your Denim with Woolite Dark or other detergent for dark and delicate clothing.

  • Always wash them inside-out to preserve their color.

  • Always wash in COLD water. Warm water could lead to fading!

  • If you must use a washing machine, use a wash cycle with the lowest temperature and agitation possible.

  • Always air dry your Denim to preserve their shape.



Note: Soaking with vinegar beforehand is said to lock the color even better.



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Comments (3)

here is an interesting video on the subject showing someone washing their raw denim for the first time after 18 months.
Spectacular video! Thanks for posting.
no problem! I couldn't believe he hadn't washed his jeans in 18 months! I would think he would stink to high heaven, but I guess his jeans did a good job of keeping the stink in :)
DenimBlog.com › Articles › How To Wash Dry Raw Denim