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How to use pant hangers the right way


If looking good is important to your success, taking care of the things that help you look good is a no brainer. Clothes make statements. They let the world know who you are. They help create impressions. It’s the clothes that make you who are. In that case, taking care of your clothes is one those habits that really helps. Hangers, although they can pass off as some of those things that we don’t even think twice about, are essential for your wardrobe upkeep. Here’s how to use your pants hangers the right way:

It always starts with the right purchase

Would you buy metal hangers or wooden hangers? Do you hang clothes outside or inside a cupboard or closet? Are you using hangers to hang dry clothes or wet ones? Your answers to each of these questions will determine the kind of hangar you should buy. For trousers and dress pants, hangers with flat and wide surfaces work best. Buy contoured hangars for dress shirts or formal wear. Jeans and shorts can practically hang off practically anything.

Metal hangers last longer but are heavy. Wooden hangers are lighter and come in more shapes giving you a better set of options. Plastic hangers can be best used for clothes that are not as important as your formal office or business attire.


Try to maximize with the hangers

You get double-hangers, and even triple hangers. You get single line hangers for special trousers (such as suit pants). Try to maximize space depending on the size of your closets. Large closets could give you a lot of room to play around with but smaller closets will demand more attention to detail and makes you picky by choice.

Wet and dry clothes need separation

Most people don’t even think about it but the hangers used for wet clothes (the ones that are hung out to dry) are not to be used for dry ones. It’s one thing for the wet clothes to dry up another thing to actually use the same hangers for random use. Keeping hangers separated gives your clothes prolonged life. Hangers that take on wet clothes develop inconsistencies and surface damage that will in turn ruin your clothes.

If it’s pants, use it for pants

There’s a reason why they are called pant hangers: they are to be used for trousers and other pants (not jeans though). Pant hangers could be made of wood, metal, or plastic. They would also be found in padded forms or other high-end versions. Don’t make the mistake of trying to use them for other forms of garments because other garments won’t fit. They won’t last long on hangers meant to function as pant hangers.

Do you use pant hangers? What do you think about them?

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