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How to Beat the Heat with Summer Sandals

Summer time is the best time to have a little fun with your fashion choices. The best place to start is by exploring new colors, textures and styles with your footwear. The versatile sandal lends itself to athletic styles, casual and even dressy and your wardrobe should include a couple options from each category to make sure you are well heeled for hot summer days and fun summer nights.


If you are planning to pick up a few more pairs of sandals, we’ve put together some tips on the best styles to keep your feet cool and comfortable no matter how hot it gets outside. And if you think you have to sacrifice fashion for functionality, guess again! Manufacturers ensure that sandals are always following the seasons latest style trends. They are affordable and fast additions to the wardrobe and since they are not expensive, you can splash out on some creative fashion choices.


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Strappy Sandals for Evening Wear


Whether you are on vacation or heading for a night on the town locally, the summer heat means that the traditional high heel shoe is not a great option. Not that most women haven’t tried only to realize that spending an evening with hot, tired or blistered feet is less attractive than investing in good quality seasonal sandals.


If you have your heart set on strappy sandals this summer, explore some of the more comfortable styles such as the elastic or flexible fabric straps to avoid chafing. If your feet are prone to swelling this is your best option to avoid circulatory issues.


Athletic Sandals


Are you ready to hit the beach? Athletic sandals that are suitable for sand or turf are a great option for beating the heat. Durable materials such as plastic and leather make the athletic sandal versatile and most styles are waterproof which makes it possible to wash your summer sandals without damaging them. If you are going to be doing a lot of walking in them, purchase your sandals to allow for a bit of room in the event of swollen feet, which is a reoccurring problem for most people in the heat.


Casual Styles

Who said summer footwear needed to be serious? Casual styled sandals are everything from slip on designs to your average flip flop shoe and available in a variety of colors, materials and accessories to dress up or dress down your outfit. Even A-List celebrities get in on the casual sandal craze and sport couture or designer options.


Beyond style considerations for individuals with certain health conditions, the choice of footwear is very important. People with heart conditions such as heart disease or angina, as well as people who suffer from Type I and Type II diabetes can actually experience more discomfort as a result of choosing the incorrect summer sandals. Blisters and other cuts are particularly concerning for those suffering Diabetes and who are prone to infection. The best line of defense? Invest in quality summer footwear and take your time to find the right fit.


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DenimBlog.com › Articles › How To Beat The Heat With Summer Sandals