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Eyelash Curlers and Mascara: The Secret to Beautiful Eyes

Haven’t you admired the long, full eyelashes and bigger eyes of a girl and wished you had the same? Well, nature does produce such magic. But only at times! And when it doesn’t, you have to depend on little makeup tricks to serve the purpose.


The secret to bigger eyes and fuller lashes is the combo of eyelash curler and mascara.


But before you try it out, here is a quick look at a few things you need to be aware of. 



A Complete Eye Cleanup Is Essential Before You Begin

Never ever curl your lashes after you have applied mascara. Remove every trace of eye makeup before you begin. Good eye makeup removal solutions are available; select one that suits your eyes.


Why is it so important? Makeup often causes the eyelashes to stick together. If you try to curl them at such a time, it may lead to breakage. And it won’t look good either. And it will defeat the purpose you started out with.


It Looks A Little Nerve-Racking; But It Isn’t

If you aren’t quite sure about using an eyelash curler, you aren’t alone. Many find it to be frightening. But once you have mastered the technique, it isn’t a big deal.


How do you choose the right device? You may find standard ones at a good makeup store. But if you aren’t sure that it will work for your eyes, research a little more and find one appropriate to your face and eye shape.


A clean curler is a correct choice

You clean your face before you apply makeup. You clean your makeup tools and brushes before you use them. Why do anything different with your eyelash curlers?


How do you clean it? It’s pretty simple; you can dip it into a mild soap solution or wipe it off with a makeup removal tissue. Dry it off before you use it. You cannot take your chances with infection when it concerns something as sensitive as your eyes.


It Takes A Little Time To Perfect The Technique

How do you curl and not crimp? It’s easy if you know how to do it right. Let’s take a look at the three steps that can help you achieve the right results.


1.       Keep the curler as close to the roots of your lashes as possible without any pinch on the skin. Make sure every lash is inside the mouth. Apply pressure. Count to five. Release.

2.       Position your curler so that the pressure is on the middle of the lashes. Apply pressure, count to three and release.

3.       Repeat for the tip of the lashes next to get the perfect curl.


A Little Heat On The Curler May Work To Your Advantage

You can easily get heated curlers for your eyelashes in the market. And they may work better to hold the shape, just like heated curlers for your hair do.


But what if it seems too intimidating? Many women are afraid of getting heated curlers near their eyes. Try a simple trick instead. Blow-dry the device for 30 seconds. Or, hold it under hot water for 30 seconds. Dry off and use for a better result.


You may need a little time to perfect the technique, but once you do, it’s quite simple.


Apply mascara and any other eye makeup once you have completed to curl.


Mascara gives you long, full lashes. But it won’t be at its best if you don’t curl out your lashes first. With the right use of the eyelash curler, you will be able to open up your eyes and make them look bigger and bolder. 


Evans is a blogger and he loves writing on different fashion and beauty related topics. Currently he is associated with TheBathMama.co.uk


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