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Everything You Need To Know About Diesel The Brand



Diesel is one of the most popular denim brands in the world. The company offers men’s and women’s styles, which are sold in nearly 80 different countries.




Diesel is an Italian company, which started in 1978 by Renzo Rosso and his former boss Adriano Goldschmied (of the AG Jeans company). The brand was founded on the concepts of “rejected the slavish trend following typical of the fashion industry.” And "views the world as a single, border-less macro-culture."  The company rapidly caught on, and in 1985, Rosso gained full control of the company. By 1991, the company began it’s international marketing campaign and in 1996, the New York City Flagship store opened.

In 1988, Wilbert Das joined as the creative director and the brand began to take off. Das served as the creative director for all of the brand’s divisions.





When Renzo Rosso founded the brand, his idea was to address people across the world in one common language and product. He set out to establish an international platform in which he could distribute his product.

After Das joined the brand as creative director, he assisted in growing the company beyond both a custom denim brand and solely an Italian company.

Diesel has grown to truly be a lifestyle brand. Under the Diesel umbrella, the company has both men’s and women’s clothes, Diesel Kids, fragrance, eyewear, underwear, footwear, leatherwear, a luxury line, Diesel Gold, and 55 DSL, which is the sportswear division.

Diesel has also had many notable collaborations: In 2008, a special denim line with Adidas. Fuel for Life, a fragrance collaboration with L’Oreal, a watch and jewelry collaboration with Fossil. In 2008, the brand also created 500 limited edition Diesel cars with Fiat.


One of the most defining aspects of the brand, is selling the view that the world is a “single, boarder-less macro-culture.” Starting in 1991, the brand engaged in an international marketing campaign that was innovative. The marketing strategy uses creative methods for selling their brand. Some strategies include marketing their products in video games. In 2008, Diesel sold their designs to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, for use in Playstation home.


Of these innovative marketing strategies, some campaigns have included themes such as “Global Warming Ready Research Paper" (You can see more images from the campaign here)



Live Fast:



Human Afterall:



And most recently, "Be Stupid" (View more information on this campaign here and here)



Popular Styles:

While Diesel jeans began as a custom denim company (you can still order custom jeans from the company) they have released many influential styles and cuts.


For Men:

The Zathan, which is a slim bootcut style jean. It comes in a variety of different washes.



The Thanaz is a straight leg, slimmer fit jean. Celebrities like Zac Efron are fans.



For Women:

The Matic is a low rise, skinny fit jean which comes in a variety of different washes. You can learn more about the Matic here.



The Lowky is a straigher leg cut, with a lower rise.



The Liv is also a lower rise straight leg jean.



Interesting facts:

Diesel owns shares in Victor & Rolf, Maison Martin Margiela and DSquared2.

Diesel’s unique international marketing strategy was innovative and has been studied by universities and institutions as a model.

In 2002, Diesel collaborated with Karl Lagerfeld on a denim collection for Lagerfeld Gallery.

Renzo Rosso has been nominated for both Entrepreneur of the Year and has won Advertiser of the year.

Diesel jeans are only manufactured in Italy. Not true.

Diesel co-manufactures the underwear line with Mast Industries in the US, which also manufactures Victoria’s Secret products.

Diesel Denim Gallery is a gallery like space, which offers special edition jeans.


Best places to buy Diesel jeans:






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