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Dior 101 Everything You Wanted To Know About Diors

I think it would be nice to have all Dior questions go into one thread here so people can help each other out without having to visit many threads. Anyways, I thought I would put a simple FAQ here. Credits go to superfuture

How does sizing work?
Measurements new and unstretched are the tagged size plus 2 around. Divide this number by 2 if you want the measurement across. Example: Size 30 = 32" around, 16" across. Expect around 1" in stretch around from a brand new pair. Sizing up once from your "Diesel size" will probably get you the right size for MIJs. Size down once from your MIJ raw size for MII raws.
For washed Diors, size up once from your MIJ raw size for MIJ washed styles. Stay with your MIJ raw size for MII washed styles.

Diesel size = 30
MIJ raw = 31
MII raw = 30
MIJ washed = 32
MII washed = 31

Please be aware that some of the older styles do run smaller, and it would be best to get measurements if possible.

Inseams for raw jeans always measure 37-38". Most people keep them unhemmed and stack them. Dior cords and other jeans measure 37" to 40" in the inseam, increasing with waist size.

What is MIJ and MII?
Made in Japan and Made in Italy. The MIJ jeans are slightly slimmer, and stretch less. MIJ cost more than MII. Most people recommend the MIJ over the MII.

What is 17cm, 19cm, 21cm?
These refer to the hem width at a certain size. The 19cm is the taper model, while the 21cm is the straight model. The 17cm is more tapered and slimmer than the 19cm model.
For MIJ at size 32, the hem measures 19cm. Every size up increases the width by .5cm and every size down decreases it by .5cm. Add 2cm for 21cm model, and minus 2cm for the 17cm model.
For MII, add 1cm to the above measurements.

What sizes are offered?
26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 36, and 38 (rare?).
Size 26 is mainly only offered in Japan.

Where can I buy online?
Browns Fashion (UK)
luisaviaroma.com (Italy)
Dior Homme Jeans (All Styles) and other Dior Proxy Services (USA proxy)
Please be wary of taxes, duties and s&h associated with importing overseas.


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Raws are most certainly NOT always 37-38" in inseam. I have a pair of MII indigo raws that I bought directly from Dior Homme Las Vegas and the inseam is only 34.5". The inseam is typically 37" or so, but it is certainly not always this long.
^ Strange, inseam on my MIJ indigo RAWs is 37,4".
DenimBlog.com › Articles › Dior 101 Everything You Wanted To Know About Diors