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Buy Sell Section Rules




We hope you make our Classifieds section a success by following the guidelines set out in this document.



Seller Rules

Posting an item for sale

To post an item for sale, click on the new thread button in the specific forum you want to post in.


Your listing MUST include the following information:



  • Title: you must include the brand of item, the style, the size, and the condition, whether it be NWT, NWOT, Gently Used, etc.
  • Measurements: Make sure to include measurements, especially for jeans and pants (you should at least include waist, rise, hips & inseam)
  • Ebay Username: Please also state your ebay username (seller ID). This is helpful to buyers if you are a seller with little feedback in our marketplace. Buyers can check a seller’s feedback to feel more secure with the transaction. If you do not have an ebay account, please state that on the appropriate line in your thread.
  • Shipping Method: Please specify which shipping method you will be using. We recommend USPS Priority Shipping for domestic items. We encourage sellers to use tracking. This makes the transaction safer.
  • Price: The price of your item should be clearly stated and should INCLUDE shipping.
  • Pictures: Add clear pictures of the item that you are selling, stock photos only are not accepted. Make sure to add an absolute minimum of 2 pictures (eg for jeans one of the front and one of the back). The more pictures you include, the better!



Additional Information
In this paragraph you may restate the condition of the item, tell why you are selling if you wish, etc.



Please limit your bumps to one bump every 48 Hours.  To bump simply reply to your thread with a lowered price or "bump"


Paypal account 
Sellers are only allowed to accept money into paypal accounts that are in their own name. 


Customer Service
We expect all DenimBlog sellers to go above and beyond when it comes to customer service. 

Members who are caught posting incomplete listings or violating any of the buy/sell rules will get an infraction and their post will be deleted if it has not been adjusted within 48 hours. Repeated infractions will lead to a temporary or permanent ban.


Buyer Rules

Every buyer must pay within 7 days.

Paypal account 
Buyers are required to pay with a paypal account in their own name or their spouses name with the correct shipping address 

Expectations and demands
We expect all HonestMall buyers to not be overly demanding. 



  • If the item is returned due to misrepresentation on the seller's part, the seller shall pay for the return shipping cost
  • If the item is returned for reasons such as fit, color, etc, the buyer will absorb the shipping costs


At your own risk
All sales are at your own risk.  The team at DenimBlog does not have the ability to try to track down buyers and sellers. Please do your homework and research the person you are doing business with.  


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DenimBlog.com › Articles › Buy Sell Section Rules