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Bleach Game - Good news to all Bleach fans

Some things I'd like to address from comments in the social are about Bleach Game, including head moderators, and their ability to play the game. I am making this edit to the news to address some things that some users have been having.

To begin, moderators and head moderators are members of the game. They have been given special privileges in the game - such as post deletion, ability to see all socials, and apply bans. However, these abilities do not fully exclude them from the game. Mods & head mods (from here on, mods refers to both) are allowed to play the game the same way that users do - with some restrictions, such as not being able to share what's said in race-specific chats to the opposite race.

In Bleach Online, that being said, mods do have the right to warn against potential attacks to other users as well as their base being raided. When mods do this sort of thing they have to physically be close enough to scout you out on the map - no, they do not have any powers that allow them to scout any further, or staff privileges to know your exact whereabouts. Furthermore, when their race's base is being attacked, or when an invasion is in-progress, every member can see this information simply by going to the travel page. 

Additionally, abuse of their powers of being able to see all socials would come in a way similar to:
"Shinigami chat just said they were going to invade!" or "Hollows plan to attack at time!" - if this is the case, please report the message for me. Abusing their powers to give their race an advantage will not be tolerated.

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