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5 Steps to choose Best Swimsuit for your body type


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Summer is finally here and so is the swimsuit season. The good news is that you have endless choices in terms of swimwear for women in every color (yay!). The bad news is that you have to be very judicious in selecting the best ones out of them because if your swim wear does not complement your body type, you may end up looking like a disaster at the pool or a beach. In short, you need to pick and choose a bathing suit that accentuates your figure and makes you look like a million dollar baby! Here are some points that will surely help you out in taking the best judgment when you go shopping.


First steps first – Identify what body type you are


There are endless posts that will guide you to purchase swim suits based on your body type. But the question is, do you actually know what category of body type do you fall in? If your answer is no, don’t panic and grab a measuring tape.


Start with measuring your shoulders, bust, the waist, the hip and the thighs. You need not have a really accurate measurement for this purpose. All that you need is to know the basic measures of your body parts that will help you determine your figure type. Find out the perfect way to do so here.


The next step – Zero-in on a store to do the shopping


Nothing can be as frustrating as hopping from one shop to another in search of that one perfect swimwear that will accentuate your curves and make you look impeccable. Cut this stress from your life by choosing only one store to shop. Your neighborhood retail store is a good option and so are numerous online stores that have lucrative discounts and spend-all-your-cash-worthy collections that will literally make you elated (happens with me every time)! But yes, you need to go for a trial to check the comfort of these pieces before making the purchase.


Step three – Start choosing


Once you have decided that one store from where you are going to shop for your bathing suit, the next step is to start choosing from their collection.


  • Those of you with an inverted triangle body types can safely place their bets on tankinis and swim dresses along with two-piece suits. Your main aim is to accentuate your lower body part. Also, ditch narrow shoulder straps for wider ones to make your shoulders appear smaller than they are.


  • If you have an elongated, flat torso then you can settle for skimpy one or two-piece bathing suits. Experiment with various necklines and straps or strings as these will put all the focus to your upper body part. Padded pieces are an option that you can try out given that you have a smaller bust.


  • Have a triangle or Apple shape body type? Then work on making your upper body part curvaceous to balance it out. Go for detailed top in case you choose a two piece suit. Some extra bit of fabric definitely adds extra dimensions and so do embellishments. You can also settle for a tankini with more details on the upper side. For bottoms, opt for wider waistbands and say no to any stringy bottoms that will only highlight your hips!


  • An hourglass figure is a proportionate body type and those with this type of shape can flaunt their curves by choosing a swim wear that accentuates their shape. Any two-piece swimwear is worth trying out depending upon your size. Too large or too small a suit is a strict no-no and so are horizontal stripes if you happen to have a large bust or broad shoulders.


  • When you have a thin figure, you can follow the same tip that I mentioned for those with an elongated torso. Bikinis with front-ties, ruffles, flares or padded tops and tankinis will give you the curves. And settling for large patterns and horizontal stripes will also make you look fuller.


To Conclude


Follow these steps to get your hands on the best skimpy or even modest bathing suits that perfectly suit your body type. Keep a tab on this space to get more such tips. Cheers!


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DenimBlog.com › Articles › 5 Steps To Choose Best Swimsuit For Your Body Type