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11 Tips For Hemming Your Jeans


After you've found your perfect pair of jeans, Hemming can be the final step to securing a perfect fit. Check out some tips for hemming your jeans:


  • Wash your jeans before you take them to be hemmed. Jeans do shrink and you don't want them to be too short post-hem and wash.
  • Always be sure to wear the shoes you'll be wearing most frequently with your jeans. If you've purchase a pair of trouser jeans for the office and will be wearing them with heels, bring the heels! If you swear by flats, bring your favorite pair.
  • Be sure to consult with a tailor when taking more than a couple of inches off of the length. Taking a significant amount of length off of the leg can alter the leg shape. (ie a flare can lose it's flare)
  • hem-jeans.jpeg
  • Ask for the original hem to be re-attached. This will preserve the cohesion of the look. Tailors frequently refer to this as a European Hem or Original Hem. Be sure to specify if you want the original hem. (See Photo above)
  • If you're unsure of how much you want taken off, ask the tailor to do an inside hem. This is where the tailor will tack down the fabric inside but not cut any actual fabric. If you change your mind on the length, you can always have it let back down. (see Photo above)
  • When hemming waist-bands, it is possible to take an inch to 1.5" off of the waist band. However, anything else will alter the integrity of the jean and likely show. In this case, you may want to try going down a size or a different pair.
  • Jeans can be can be taken in along seams (for example, the hips), however, it is best to consult with the tailor and express what exactly you have in mind, as sometimes it will alter the shape too significantly.
  • If you're in a bind and haven't had time to take your jeans to a tailor, you can tape up the him with double stick tape, or do a few loose stitches that are easily removable, until you have time to hem them. Cuffing is also a trendy option before tailoring.
  • If you're going to tailor your jeans yourself, try an inside hem first, as it will give you more leeway without actually cutting the fabric.
  • If you do decide that you want to hem them yourself, there are plenty of online resources both on websites and You-Tube videos that offer helpful tutorials.
  • Pricing can range from $10 for simple length hem to $40+ for more dramatic alterations. Do look into the fees at the store where you purchase your jeans. Many stores such as Nordstrom, J Crew and Seven For All Mankind offer complementary or discounted hemming.


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DenimBlog.com › Articles › 11 Tips For Hemming Your Jeans