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You may remember that due to unforeseen circumstances a couple of months ago, DenimBlog lost its forum and since then, the behind the scenes team have been working on trying to get things fixed.

At the moment, our manager/the owner of the website, has decided that it’s time to sell it and hopefully pass the site onto someone new, who can take over DenimBlog and breathe new life into it. This means that as of tomorrow, June 1st, the writers and unfortunately I have to take a break from content until this is put into place.

Thank you so much to all of you for being a part of our journey with DenimBlog, it’s been amazing! Hopefully we will be back very soon, with some new and exciting changes, under new management, but until then, us writers (Lorna Burford, Jonathan Mam, Jennifer and Chanelle Laurence) have a big presence online, so we aren’t off the radar. You can find us with a simple Google search (or click our names for Twitter links) and see what denim and other things we are writing about elsewhere in the meantime. Denim is our passion so it will always be a part of our lives.


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– Team DenimBlog.


  1. So sad your journey on this site has temporarily ended. I have been a silent and dedicated follower for so many years and your work has always been inspiring. Thanks to your reviews I bought so many jeans and discovered a few brands I wasn’t aware of. All my best to you Lorna, Jonathan, Jennifer and Chanelle for the great job and passion you have dedicated on the site. I will deeply miss looking at it on a daily basis, but confident that another great door will open up for you.

  2. So sad about this news, DenimBlog is my daily routine and I check it more than my Facebook. You were all perfectly doing great and you are all inspiring. I was not knowledgeable enough with jeans and now I think I’m confident enough to give recommendation and suggestion to anyone! Thanks to you guys!

    Cheers to your success and for the days to come. #Salute

  3. If it wasn’t for this site I wouldn’t have the great talent of being able to spot denim brands from far away. But most of all I met one the most amazing people in the world on this site and am so grateful for its existence. Thanks for what you all did and best of luck, such a sad day. Lorna, you’ll always feel like my bestie and I will always cherish the connection.

  4. I’m sorry! I’ll miss this site so much, it’s my daily source of street style inspiration. I hope DenimBlog will be back soon, in a way or another!

  5. Awwww, so sad to read this post !

    We’ve been dedicated followers since a few years now.
    We loved the celeb post especially when they wore 7 For All Mankind.
    We hope to see you guys do something new with DenimBlog in the near future !
    Maybe you all together can start something new ?

    Best of luck.

    Greetings from Belgium.

  6. Hi Tom,
    Thanks for your lovely comment! Yes, we do have our own websites online, if you just run a Google search for our names or find them via our Twitters! Thank you so much for being a fan!

  7. Thank you all. I’ve been following this denim blog for close to the 10 years you’ve been around. It was the very first blog I ever bookmarked. Thank you for your work and you will be missed! But there is a silver lining: now I will discover your blog/twitter lives outside of denim as well. All the best to you all!

  8. So glad you love it that much! It’s always nice to hear from readers who don’t often comment, nice to meet the ones we only see as statistics on the chart each month. Thank you for your lovely words, that means a lot to us!

  9. Bueno, es una mala noticia como fanático del denim; el denim es mi pasión, y en esta web leía sus posts, y los distintos modelos de jeans de las celebridades. Sus recomendaciones siempre me gustaron.
    Es una lástima, pero les deseo lo mejor a todo el equipo de Denimblog!!!!

  10. Where am i going to get my daily denim fix, im so sad right now. I loved checking in and discovering new denim brands, what celebs were wearing, and outfit inspirations put together by you guys. This site was really great. I will be sure to follow you all since i know you will continue to do great things. Good luck.

  11. Hi Lorna,

    Sorry to see denimblog.com come to an end. I think I launched CelebrityStyleGuide.com the same year…..2005. Its been quite a ride watching the internet grow, change and evolve. Good next on you and your team’s next adventure!