15 Maxi Dresses & Skirts To Wear With Denim Jackets

Alessandra Ambrosio keeps the Coachella spirit alive in a pretty printed maxi skirt and jean jacket while getting gas in Brentwood

I’m sure many of you know by now that Spring and Summer is the time the denim jackets over maxi dresses and skirts trend spikes in popularity. Celebs everywhere get spotted out rocking the trend so I thought it would be good to showcase 10 different maxi dresses and 5 maxi skirts which will be suited to all types of denim jackets, no matter your personal style. I’ve even included 5 must have denim jackets for you to try out as well, classics that everyone should own at least one of.

Whether you want to keep things really casual like Alessandra above and rock an oversized denim jacket or you want something more sleek and opt for a fitted one, one thing is certain and that’s the fact it will be on trend. Nothing says Summer more than a long flowing dress with that extra denim piece to prevent the chill. Team it up with some flat sandals for day time or some heeled varieties for the evening and you will be ready to go. If you’re a fan of the trend yourself, what’s your favourite colour combination?

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Out of these 10 maxi dresses above, there’s lots of colours, prints and even different cuts to suit individual body shapes. I’m a huge fan of floral myself and think pastel floral maxi dresses look amazing with a light blue denim jacket, but so can a geometric, subtle print with a darker blue. The combinations you can create are endless and teamed with accessories, it can always look fresh each time.

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When it comes to maxi skirts, you can wear a cropped boho top then a low slung skirt for the look Alessandra gives off, or if you prefer not to show skin and want to cover up more, tuck a tight tank top into your maxi skirt and throw a belt around your waist, this will create the illusion of a two tone maxi dress and look fantastic as well! You can even go for a double denim combo and choose a denim skirt. Just make sure you keep both washes different and break it up with a lot of pieces. You want to stay away from the Britney/Justin territory.

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And finally, here are 5 denim jackets that are perfect for this trend! A darker to mid washed, fitted blue first. A classic mid blue Levi’s jacket second. A light blue, sandy toned denim jacket third. An oversized bleached out blue fourth and then a cropped bleached light blue last. All of these are suited to the different colours in dresses and skirts that you might be going for and will be perfect in their own way.

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