Tyga in FOURTWOFOUR ON FAIRFAX Denim Jacket and AMIRI MX2 Jeans

Tyga was spotted catching a flight out of New York with Kylie Jenner. The rapper wore the FOURTWOFOUR ON FAIRFAX denim jacket that Kylie borrowed the night before with a pair of the AMIRI MX2 Jeans in Blue and the YEEZY 350 Boosts.

I am so excited to see a new wash of the AMIRI jeans out and I love that Tyga paired them with this jacket. I think the pieces work really well off each other and the subtle dirty wash of the jacket adds just enough of a contrast to keep the look from feeling too one note. What do you think of his look here? You can click here to purchase this jacket from the FOURTWOFOUR ON FAIRFAX website and here for AMIRI at Barneys.

Images Courtesy of INFPhoto.com


  1. I noticed that Tyga is featured almost every day on this blog and this is only because he dates a Jenner. In my opinion, it’s a bit too much, don’t you think? There are many more stylish men that should be featured here. Kardashians, Jenners and now all their boyfriends, please stop! I’ve been reading this blog for years and I love it but this is starting to be annoying.

  2. Thank you for your opinions. We appreciate all our readers support and ideas. We publish many different celebrities and men, but there isn’t a whole lot out there. There are of course many different stylish male celebs, no doubting that, but it comes down to them being caught out by the paparazzi and knowing what jeans they are wearing (if they are wearing them), so it does limit our choices some what in what we can publish. The Jenners and Kardashian’s are extremely popular right now and they love denim, but we rarely post Kardashian’s anymore actually as they aren’t spotted out that much. It’s just the way the cycle goes, I’m sure the heat will die down off of a lot of these younger celebs and then we will have different people to post, but we can only go with what celebs are snapped on the photo agencies we use and a majority of the time, they are not in denim, which is why our choices are limited. I hope that gives you a clearer understanding. Lorna.

  3. Thanks for your reply, Lorna. The fact is that I basically never saw Tyga featured here until he started dating a Jenner. I understand that people are interested in them and while I like Kendall Jenner’s street style I think that the others Kardashian/Jenners always dress the same: destroyed jeans, high heels, tacky outfits or at least nothing interesting.
    Seeing them and their boyfriends/husbands every day is starting to become bothering, because I used to read this blog to find new type of jeans and inspiring outfits!

  4. I’m sorry you feel that way, but unfortunately we can’t do much about it as we can only use what we have to use and this seems to be what’s popular right now. We are getting much more male celebs in their denim lately now though, way more than we used to, but celebrity sightings of the likes of Jessica Alba, Halle Berry, Kate Moss, Sarah Jessica Parker, Jen Garner etc have almost vanished. They are either keeping a low profile right now or the paps are just more interested in the younger stars. I do miss the old ones too, but hopefully as Thanksgiving comes up and the holidays we might get some sightings of them a lot more.