New Styles by Alexander Wang

Alexander Wang Dazed Oversized Denim Jacket

Alexander Wang’s venture in denim with his Denim x AW line was a natural progression and seeing styles that mock the feel of vintage items is no surprise. He is a San Francisco native after all, which is the home base for Levi’s.

The look of natural wear to these pieces is amazing and probably one of the best that I have ever seen when it comes to new denim being washed to embody the feel of natural wear. They are almost to the point of feeling like re-purposed denim.

What is new are the washes. He offers a Steel Grey wash that has the look of a washed out black that you have been scavenging through vintage shops for. Then there are the ever classic vintage inspired blues that range from bleached to ones that perfect medium. You can see all the new pieces from the line below and click here to purchase Denim x AW from their website.