Shades of Blue


Even though the Fourth of July has come and gone, we’re still celebrating the “blue” in “red, white and blue” by giving you our favorite shades of blue jeans at the moment. We’re highlighting 5 different shades to wear for the rest of July, and the Summer for that matter. What’s your favorite shade of denim? Comment below!


Light blue jeans are perfect for Summer, giving off that light and airy vibe and pairing with bright colors perfectly. I’m especially digging the ones that are so light they’re on the cusp of white and light, light blue. Try these on for size:

DSTLD’s Mid rise cut-off shorts

Paige Denim’s skinny jeans


This color reminds me of that happy moment during the Summer when you look up and the sky is that perfect shade of blue, where it looks like the sun will never come down because there’s no hint of evening time in site. This color can keep up with the Summer colors because it’s bright on its own, and it also gives off that “vintage jeans” vibe. Try these on for size:

Paige Denim’s Hoxton skinny jeans

One Teaspoon Hustler shorts


Medium blue is pretty much the standard blue in denim trends these days and I like it because it’s a bold color without being heavy on the eyes. It can be dressed up or down and it’s still light enough to be your casual pair of jeans. Try these on for size:

7 For All Mankind Fashion skirt

Etienne Marcel Skinny jeans


Dark blue jeans are for the end of Summer when the parties start winding down and the nights get a little bit cooler. They get us all cozy and ready for Fall and look great during your night out on the town. Try these on for size:

Rag and Bone Skinny jeans

R13 Kate Skinny jeans


Midnight blue is the darkest you can go without hitting black and it is definitely a statement color. It stands out and adds a nice base to your outfit, all while making your whole outfit look tailored. Try these on for size:

McGuire Denim flares

True Religon skinny jeans