Denim Review: Citizens of Humanity Rocket Jeans in Axel

My denim review this week is on the Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans in Axel. I’m always searching for the perfect pair of black skinny jeans, from any brand, as I know they are hard to find. You need to get that great fit combined with a really intense black wash that looks good, but, I am happy to report, these are it! I used to love my Levi’s Juniors black jeans and wore them loads, but I have to say that these have topped those now!

The Rocket is actually my favourite fit from Citizens of Humanity. I now own three pairs in this cut, the Black Leatherette, Byron Bay and now this Axel wash. It’s one of the most perfectly high rise jeans, holding you in everywhere but without sacrificing the back pocket placement. A lot of jeans brands who do high rise end up raising the back pockets too, which often loses that flattering fit on the butt. The rise is 9.75 inches, the inseam is around 30 inches and the leg opening is about 10 inches, so as you can see they have a great cut right there. Super skinny all the way to the ankle with only minimal bunching and a great height to eliminate muffin top. I can’t get enough of these! Come Autumn/Winter these are going to be worn so much, I know it!

The wash is a pure black, it’s really dark and intense, like midnight, but you can still tell that it’s denim. The actual fabric blend is a mix of 44% Rayon with 29% Cotton, 25% Cupro and 2% PU, so they are one of the most stretchiest jeans that I own as well as one of the softest. The rayon really makes them gentle on the skin and an actual pleasure to wear. I don’t know about you other denim lovers, but I just love the way certain denim feels on my skin and I get enjoyment out of wearing certain pairs, and these are definitely one of those pairs. If silk was a jean, it would be these, I can’t get over how soft they are and how much they conform to your body. They fit really tightly all over, sucking you in almost, but they aren’t uncomfortable or restrictive in the slightest due to the amount of stretch in them.

The back pockets are completely plain, they don’t have the signature Citizens of Humanity stitching, so they are really subtle and classic. They have no branding on them at all. In terms of sizing, they run quite true to size actually. I took them in a 26 and they fit me perfectly. If you are thinking that isn’t my size, I am generally fitting a 26 in most brands now as I have changed shape and lost a little bit of weight (not intentionally, but due to a lifestyle change) so it’s my actual ‘true to size’ size now.

I definitely recommend these to any of you looking for a perfect black skinny jean. I can’t actually get across in words just how much I love these, but they are in my top 3 favourite pairs of jeans now and considering I have been through hundreds and hundreds of jeans, that hopefully tells you just how gorgeous they are. They are versatile and will pair well with anything and perfect for travelling, errands, dinners out, whatever you want as they aren’t uncomfortable in the slightest.

Also, please do excuse the balloon. I shot these photos on my birthday for my personal blog since I wore them to my birthday dinner, so these are the only photos that I have of them at the moment. You can buy these jeans online at their website by clicking here. I’m pretty sure you wont regret it. And just for reference, I’m not paid or endorsed by Citizens of Humanity to say nice things, if I don’t like certain jeans then I will let the brand know they don’t work out for me, but everything I said here is 100% truth to how I feel about these jeans!

Written by Lorna Burford, opinions all my own, jeans courtesy of Citizens of Humanity.


  1. Hi there! I was wondering if the jeans have faded after you’ve washed them and if they stretch a lot throughout the day (aka looser fit at the end of the day)? I’m looking for a pair of dark dark black jeans that will hopefully stay dark for a while and stay skinny. Thanks 🙂

  2. Hi 🙂 I haven’t washed these actually, only once. I don’t like to wash my black jeans often at all as the black is never quite the same, so I can’t comment on the washing, but no they haven’t stretched. These are amazing for that. The Axel wash is fantastic for jeans that don’t stretch out, they have stayed the same even after 20+ wears!