Black Denim for Hot Weather

Summer is hot. Too hot to wear black, let alone black denim. For those of us who like the color all too well, you know the struggle is real. Below are a few pieces of black denim that will still be able to keep you cool without sacrificing the color. And for those of you who love black clothingÔǪyou’re welcome.


Greywire Dallas Overalls

I always believe the less clothing touching you, the cooler you will be. Although these overalls are pants, the fact that there is a nice air stream flowing through your core area will keep you cool. Rolling up the legs will also create some good airflow.


Lovers + Friends Ezra Destroyed Skinny

Don’t let the “pants” factor fool you, these pups have big holes in them which means you’re basically wearing shorts. You’ll be super on trend with these boyfriend jeans and won’t have to give up that sweet shade of black.


G-Star Tailor Chopper Vest

Black vest? No problem, you can wear that baby over your bathing suit, a white tee or tank and still be cool. Open vest = lots of airflow.


One Teaspoon Bandits Jean Shorts

These are a no brainer really…they’re shorts. The best part? They’re distressed AND black which pretty much makes them the perfect jeans for Summer, especially when you wanna look rockin’.


Hudson Mattie Pencil Skirt

Midi skirts are all the rage right now, but for those of you that aren’t feeling the vintage-midi-vibe, this Hudson midi skirt will edge up your look. It’s waxed and black and beautiful. Wear it with a crop top or a bathing suit top and you’ll be set for the rest of the Summer.

(All images from Revolve Clothing)