LOOK BOOK: Paige Denim Full Fall 2014

Here is the brand new Paige Denim Full Fall 2014 Look Book, featuring Paige’s first full collection. This is including leather jackets, vests, dresses, skirts, shirts and more as well as the classic denim. She has really ventured out into an all round clothing brand as well, but I am happy to say that the fits and styles of denim have not taken a back seat.

I saw this collection in London and the metallics really stood out to me, as well as the plaid patchwork jeans. Those are incredibly funky and I can see them being worn by the likes of Gwen Stefani. Another amazing piece of news is that there is an Edgemont in black leather in this collection and it’s Paige’s very first stretch leather Edgemont, which looks absolutely incredible! What do you think?