Denim Review: Paige Denim Rikki Shortalls in Vintage Black

My denim review this week is on the Paige Denim Rikki Shortalls in Vintage Black. I’ve only reviewed one other pair of short dungarees and those were from Topshop last month, so it’s nice to be able to try out a premium pair. I did get these about two months ago, but I hadn’t had the chance to wear them and review them until last Thursday when I wore them to the Paige x Selfridges event in London.

It’s been really hot over here in England, to the point where I haven’t been wearing jeans. I’ve been living in denim shorts, dresses and skirts so that’s why the reviews have been a little sparse. Talking about these Rikki Shortalls though, I wanted to start with the most important factor of these and that’s the design element. A lot of dungarees are cut quite straight and boxy, however Paige has changed that and gone for a more flattering fit. My favourite part is the back of these, usually there’s a gap where you can see straight through, however Paige has installed some panels and seams to make them sit against your back, rather than away from it. Creating a slimmer silhouette and a more feminine fit. This is actually amazing and I love these for that little detail alone!

I took size S in these and I would say it equates to a 27, so they run pretty true to size. These do have a more slouchier fit to begin with though as that’s how they are designed, to fit a little looser. The inseam measures around 6″ but I fold the hems up, usually twice, just to make them shorter and more flattering as the length is too long for me otherwise. It’s up to you though, you can wear them full length or cuffed! They also feature 2 kangaroo pockets on the front of the overalls, these are stitched down the middle, creating the illusion that you have 4 pockets, however the stitching is only at the top, so the pocket is still one big one underneath. These pockets are incredibly useful as they hold your phone, travel tickets and all sorts of flat things and they make a great hook for your sunglasses when you aren’t wearing them!

These also feature 2 buttons on either side of the shortalls, just above the two pockets on the shorts area. They also have regular back pockets which are positioned perfectly as you would expect from Paige. The buckle closures are what I would consider regular when it comes to overalls, but the length of the straps is amazing. Usually I find dungarees to have straps that are just too long, even on the tightest length, however these can be tightened too much for me or loosened too much, so there’s a lot of leeway for the length.

I think these are absolutely adorable and have such great details to them, everything you would ever need in an overall! Even the wash is pretty! These do come in a dark blue, however I chose a vintage black wash because I don’t own any black overalls and I wanted them to be a little more classic. I’m glad I chose this wash as it’s really nice, it’s like a dusty, powdery sort of washed black. It’s really black in some lights, but in others you can see that it has more of a worn out tone to it. I’ve worn these twice already!

The only fault I can find with these is the inseam length. I would personally like them to be naturally a bit shorter, just so you can wear them without a cuff and have them at a great length. I think that would give them a bit more of a sleeker appearance. That’s nothing some hemming can’t fix though! Even though they are made of a 9.5oz denim, they still feel quite thick too, so it would be amazing to have these in an even thinner denim, or to just wear them more in the Autumn or Spring more than the Summer.

I would definitely recommend these to you if you are looking to try out a pair of dungaree shorts and want a slim, flattering fit. Like I said above, the way these are cut at the back is perfect, making your waist look slim instead of wider and the bib area is narrow, giving another slimming effect. The shorts are based off of the Jimmy Jimmy fit too so you can guarantee they will fit well! The kangaroo front pockets are really helpful and they are easy to wear as well as comfortable. I wore these all day for travelling and was fine in them, no troubles at all. I think they are great and I really hope Paige releases more washes with shorter inseams! Buy these online at the website for $249.

Shortalls courtesy of Paige Denim/Opinions all my own.
Written by Lorna Burford