Denim Review: 3×1 Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Wash No. 5

My denim review this week is on a brand of jeans that I hadn’t ever tried before, but since own two pairs, 3×1. These are their Mid Rise Skinny Jeans in Wash No. 5 and I’m quite excited to be able to review them for you since we haven’t had one before.

I’m always intrigued by trying new brands as I’m always wondering exactly how they are going to fit and to my expectation, these fit really well. They are super skinny all the way down to the ankles as you can see and to be unique, 3×1’s trademark is the button and zip fly being reversed, so you have to button them up the other way around. I actually find the zipper puller to be really nice too, it’s thick and sturdy, which you don’t often find on a pair of jeans.

The front rise is of a mid height of around 8.5 inches and the inseam is 30 inches, making them have a slight bunching at my ankles, however this doesn’t make them look sloppy due to how skinny they actually are. The denim itself is really stretchy, so much so that you could wear them around like leggings and be comfortable. I’ve worn these jeans for two full days and have really enjoyed the way they feel and fit. They do feel slightly stiffer and rougher to other denim, but you can’t really feel that on your skin.

The back pockets, as you can see, are really well placed too. They are slightly higher up and thinner, creating the illusion of a slimmer and more perkier butt, so that’s a bonus too! Other than the backwards fly area, these don’t have any other unique details like stitching or anything, so they are a really classic pair of jeans.

The Wash No. 5 is actually a very intense blue with some slight fading. It’s not as vivid as my photo above as the other colours distorted that a little bit, but it’s definitely almost identical to the Shopbop photos, just a bit more blue. It’s one of those washes that will go with anything and everything, so it can be a staple in your wardrobe. It has some very slight whiskering to it at the lap area and faint fading down the thighs and knees, so it looks pretty authentic.

I took a size 27 in these which is generally my normal size in Paige, J Brand etc, however I am drifting between size 26/27 in most brands now, but definitely need a 27 in these. If you are between sizes, I would say take your bigger size to be on the safe side. I really like these jeans though and also now own a pair with light blue denim on the inseam stripe. I think these would be ideal for someone who is just wanting to try out 3×1 for the first time and looking for something classic. You get used to the quirky backwards button after a little while, so it’s not too much trouble. If you are a fan of J Brand and Citizens, I’m pretty sure you will like these too! I’m just hoping the denim will soften up a little after some wear! Buy these jeans online at

Jeans courtesy of 3×1 and opinions all Lorna Burford’s.


  1. Oh Lorna! Those look great on you! I’ve been meaning to try out 3×1 jeans as well. But let’s talk about sizing. I’m also drifting towards a 26, but I”m not thinner… could it be denim is heading into vanity sizing? Just a thought. Maybe I’m completely off on that.

  2. Thank you!! American made denim is already vanity sized as the European brands like MET etc I have to take a 28, so it’s already running larger. I’m not sure myself because I did lose some weight, I’ve been more active lately and eating healthier since it’s Summer so I am a bit smaller at the moment and my other jeans are looser. Maybe you changed shape a bit since it’s hot?

  3. Yea, I found my pair to fit somewhat small actually- more like a very small 27 or a bigger 26 haha. Great review though- and very well made jeans!