Americana Style

With America’s Independence day at the forefront of the month, everyone always seems to get re-inspired by Americana style around July. It encourages everyone to bring out their best red, white and blue, and wear it proud. My favorite way to embrace the trend is usually through vintage items, but you can also get the look without having to ditch your closet for some retail therapy. We can thank brands like Ralph Lauren and Levi’s for being the founding fathers of this iconic style and also for encouraging us to always have a great pair of denim in our wardrobe. With that being said, here are a few ways to bring the style from day to night for those fun BBQs and Pool days, and also some inspiring Americana items that you can use in or outside of the holiday month.

This look is perfect for a BBQ that starts early in the day and doesn’t have an end in site. You can bring a jean jacket if you tend to get cold or keep the vest to keep it cool. It works for a day or night look and is patriotic without being so literal.

This look is on the chic side, if you’re going to a not-so-casual party or even a pool party that you’d like to hang on the sidelines for. You can switch out the heels for some sneaker wedges if they aren’t your thing and still get the same effect.

The great thing about Americana style is you can wear it everyday as well as bring all the colors together for the good ol’ fourth of July. Here are some great pieces to keep in your closet that could work for any time of year.